Arsene Wenger Shoves José Mourinho

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Oct 5, 2014

Arsene Wenger Shoves José Mourinho

So this happened in the first half, right aftrer a pretty hard foul on Alexis Sanchez by Gary Cahill resulting in a yellow card that could have easily been red. These two came pretty close and Arsene let out some long awaited frustration on his managerial adversary.

I, may be biased, but I think this sort of thing is the result of the genius of a José Mourinho. Arsenal was not the same after this confrontation. JM, has indeed been petty at times and said some pretty blue things about the Arsenal leader, but they have always been just words. Once a manager takes it to the level of putting the paws on another manager, it tells you how much in his head José really is.

As a player, I might feel some kind of way about it, because if another manager can get in my guys head to that point, I don’t know how much faith I can have in him to keep his cool when the pressure is really on. I need him to maintain composure, Arsene didn’t do that.

Now, in the tale-of-the-tape, I’m taking Arsene in a landslide. Arsene is coming in at a lean 6 foot 3 to José 5 feet 10 inches. There were some bad intentions in that shove, but Jose stood firm and stayed on his feet when he could’ve suffered an all time fail and become a youtube and .gif hall of famer, but he kept his ground.

Just my opinion though.

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