London’s One-Legged Rib Man : Random Soccer in Random Places

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Nov 9, 2014

London’s One-Legged Rib Man : Random Soccer in Random Places

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Mark Gevaux makes the best pork ribs in London. After losing his leg in an accident, Mark was forced to abandon his career as a butcher, but soon after, he found a new passion for ribs. Thanks to Mark, this once underrated cut is now the king of London’s street food scene. All hail The Rib Man!

mark gevaux rib man

So, I’ve been cooking a lot of ribs lately. I don’t know why, I’ve just gotten into the spirit of it, and I’ve gotten pretty damn good with it. I have my own mixes and methods that are tried and true, but I’ve also tried out some stuff that I have randomly found in a few different ways. One of those ways is from random videos on the internets. Today, while looking on the internets for a random recipe, I happened to come across this guy. The video is mesmerizing and he seems like a great old chap with a great story and I wanted to share it on TOW.

I was going to send him a tweet and ask him his favorite club, since he is from England, and it would be a cool way to tie it in to posting it here, but as soon as I got to his twitter page, I realized there would be no need to hit him up. He is a die hard West Ham fan. Its all over his page. Its awesome.

Hopefully I’ll get over to London in 2015 to stop by this lads truck. I need to try those ribs. And I damn sure will be putting in an order for that hot sauce – it looks like they ship international!!

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