November 2014 FIFA Rankings – USA 28th, Germany 1st, England 13th, Mexico 20th

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Nov 28, 2014

November 2014 FIFA Rankings – USA 28th, Germany 1st, England 13th, Mexico 20th

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Germany, the World Champions have held on to the top spot all year long and proved their worth in this summers World Cup. Not a lot movement with the last international games pretty much going as planned and the top 6 teams held serve whilst Portugal moving up 2 spots to the 7, Spain moving up 1 spot to 9th and Uruguay dropping a couple of spots to round out the top 10.

There is some up and down movement in the 10-20 spots with England having a big month and moving 7 spots to 13th from 20. Romania jumped 6 spots to 15th. Czech Republic up 5 spots to settle in at 17th.

Mexico dropped 3 spots to 20th.

Its been a tough month for the home team after falling out of the top 20 in the October rankings, we’ve lost another 5 spots and find ourselves in 28th holding on to a top 30 slot.

As we all know, the FIFA World Rankings are what they are and kind of ridiculous and unnecessary other than for conversation purposes, but, they are out, so lets have a conversation. Random side note, here are the U.S. Men’s Ranking by MONTH this year.

Jan. 16 – 14th
Feb. 13 – 13th
Mar. 13 – 14th
Apr. 10 – 13th
May 08 – 14th
Jun. 05 – 13th
Jul. 17 – 15th
Aug. 14 – 18th
Sep. 18 – 17th
Oct. 23 – 23rd
Nov. 27 – 28th

The next ranking, and least of the calendar year will be released on December 18

[H / t November 27 FIFA Ranking]

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