Global Pitches – Las Cruces

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Mar 19, 2015

Global Pitches – Las Cruces

Global Pitches explores some of the most interesting soccer fields and stadiums from around the world. Each of these pitches has made it’s way onto our bucket list of soccer places we want to explore. Each one has a story, a team, a design element or maybe a location that makes it incredibly unique. Hopefully Global Pitches will encourage all of us to get out there and explore the things that we are passionate about while experiencing new places in the world.


Each of the pitches that are being featured in this series are places that we would like to play on. Soccer fields around the world that in order to play at might involve some travel. They may be in remote locations or far off lands. They all certainly have a level of exploration associated with them. The pitch we focus in on today has all of those elements associated with it, but it also part of something much larger than just being a cool place to play a game. This pitch is located in Las Cruces, El Salvador and it is the focus of a project that seeks to rehabilitate this field. It is called the Las Cruces Project and it is a partnership between the Timbers Army/107 Independent Supporters Trust, Operation Pitch Invasion, Tanager Coffee Roasters & Cuatro M Café’. According to the official website of The Las Cruces Project:

Portland, OR & Santa Ana, El Salvador: two cities, separated geographically by thousands of miles, united by their passion for producing amazing coffee & fervently supporting & participating in soccer.  This project was catalyzed in Portland, OR through forming & linking strong relationships that reflect passion & commitment to seeing this project become successful.

The Las Cruces School is situated in the mountains above Santa Ana, surrounded by coffee farms. It is the only soccer field for miles around & is heavily used year-round. Thousands of children, coffee workers & even a semi-pro soccer team use the poorly maintained field each year. It is more than simply a place of recreation; it is a community focal point & essential to linking families and neighborhoods together.

Join us as we collaborate & dream together to celebrate our love of coffee, soccer & most of all, experience a true sense of community through the linking together of our great cities.


We’ll be delving into this project in greater detail soon. In the meantime check out the Las Cruces Project to get a better sense of what they are doing and how buying a bag of coffee can help support this initiative.

Purchase a 12oz bag (or more!) of this delicious El Salvadoran single-origin coffee and you’ll be directly supporting a multi-cultural initiative that’s giving surrounding families and neighbors of the Las Cruces School a new place to form stronger bonds over their two passions: coffee and soccer.



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