Quick Thoughts After Week One of MLS 2015

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Mar 9, 2015

Quick Thoughts After Week One of MLS 2015


I know it’s probably way too early in the season to be able to make any logical guesses as to what things may transpire in the 2015 MLS season. There’s just not enough information at hand to try and formulate some thoughts around. So instead, after one week, there are some things that I am very interested in seeing transpire this season. Maybe some of these will work out, some may not. But after just one weekend of games, here are some things I will be looking at (oh, these are in no particular order – just some notes from the weekend):

~ NY Red Bulls + NYCFC. The fans of the two NY teams seem to genuinely dislike each other. Like, really dislike each other. It’s too soon to know what the season has in place for either team on the field, but I imagine a season of fans talking mad shit to each other. And animosity growing weekly between the fans of each club. If MLS wanted an NY rivalry, I think they are going to get just that.

~ Roger Espinoza is back in KC and that should certainly make them a better team. Put him in central midfield next to Benny Feilhaber and Sporting KC look to have a pretty legit duo in that central midfield. But, how these two end up splitting attacking and defensive responsibilities might be the big question. If they get it right, that’s a very, very good midfield duo.

~ Lee Nguyen. I know the dude didn’t play in New England’s opener. So there is zero to draw from. But, my big question is can he be as dominant this year as he was last year? What does a full season with Jermaine Jones in the lineup mean to Lee and the entire squad?

~ Brek Shea. I was chatting with a couple of friends a few weeks back and saying that I personally think Brek Shea is going to have a very big year. After a couple of rough seasons the last couple of years, I think he comes back really strong. And if he can make that left back position an area that he dominates, this cat might find himself a permanent fixture with the USMNT.

~ FC Dallas has some really, really good young players. Like a whole squad of them. Just how will the likes of Tesho Akindele, Kellyn Acosta, Mauro Diaz, Fabian Castillo and Matt Hedges do this season? There is a lot of youth in the squad, but that means there is a ton of upside for FC Dallas in the coming years.

~ The partnership between Clint Dempsey + Obafemi Martins. The quality of these two players is off the charts. The partnership that they seem to have developed was incredibly apparent this weekend on “that goal” that everyone has been talking about. So my question is, just how good and dangerous can these two be this season? I think the answer might be VERY.

~ Giovinco + Altidore + Bradley. That is a seriously backbone for any team. But how all three end up clicking will be the key thing. Will Giovinco in the squad, can Bradley focus more on getting things tight in the midfield and defensively? Will he be less of a box to box guy and more of a holding midfielder? Will Jozy have the type of season US soccer fans have been holding their breath for? With all the really big players that are joining the league this season, does Giovinco end up being the most important to his team?

~ Speaking of new superstars, what will be the impact (on and off the field) that the following guys have:
Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard
David Villa

~ How good can Cubo Torres be? What might he mean for the Houston Dynamo? This question must be asked of him both on and off the field. Just like the big stars mentioned above.

~ The Chicago Fire brought in three DP’s this off-season. How do they all fit into the system? Do the Fire right the ship and get back on track? Or do their struggles continue?

~ Back to the NY teams. Which player has a bigger impact for their new club – Mix Diskerud or Sacha Kljestan?

~ Orlando had an incredibly impressive home opener (at least in the stands). The club and the fans have been doing things so right. Can that energy and excitement maintain throughout the season? Playing in the Citrus Bowl in a midday game in July and August is going to be real hot and sticky. Can Orlando do what other Florida teams were unable to? And – just how good could this expansion team be? I think they could end up being a very good team this season.

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