STEVE NASH Officially Announces Retirement from Basketball

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Mar 21, 2015

STEVE NASH Officially Announces Retirement from Basketball

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Obviously, the crew here at BP_TOW are huge fans of NBA star Steve Nash, the man behind the “Showdown in…..” series that started in Chinatown and is now an annual event held on both coast.

As we threw up on a post a while back, and still feel to this day even more, very rarely do you see an accomplished athlete in another sport consistently pushing the game worldwide in a forward direction.

Having been lucky enough to see him rocking some Bumpy Pitch gear over the years, and having been invited guests at some of his events and the fact that he is a part of the Vancouver Whitecaps ownership, we know that he will be even more involved with the game of soccer going forward.

We congratulate Steve Nash on a great NBA career and look forward to a lot of his future endeavors.

* Wingers, When you get a chance, head over to The Players Tribune and check out his open letter / official retirement piece. Its great.


Its the kind of thing that you hope to see and the kind of perspective that is great to see when an athlete has to hang ’em up for good. never having been a professional athlete (high school was as far as I’ve gotten), I’ve had many discussions with Bean and Dunny about what that moment is like when its all said and done. Spoiler alert, its not easy.



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