Trailer :: “WHO ARE THE CHAMPIONS?” – An Interactive Web Documentary

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Apr 20, 2015

Trailer :: “WHO ARE THE CHAMPIONS?” – An Interactive Web Documentary

Above is the trailer for a recently launched interactive web documentary called ‘WHO ARE THE CHAMPIONS?”

“Who Are The Champions?” is an interactive web documentary about the economic, social and cultural impact of the FIFA World Cup on people who live and work in the immediate vicinity of World Cup stadiums.

With the FIFA choosing a new President soon and the World Cup tournaments in 2018 and 2022 causing some controversies here and there, the folks behind this project thought it was a good moment to reflect and zoom in on stories that happened just outside of the stadiums during three major FIFA World Cups.

In Brazil (Rio), Germany (Leipzig) and South-Afrika (Johannesburg) they collected twelve very personal stories in each city.

By combining and creatively mixing audio stories, text stories, street photography, Google Street View, Google Maps and news stories from several archives, they give the viewer an intriguing insight into the effects of a major sports event like the FIFA World Cup on people’s lives.

who are the champions 2

These stories paint a unique picture of what happened around three major stadiums in the weeks and months leading up to the World Cup (Rio de Janeiro) and how people are looking back at the event several years after the Cup, in Leipzig and Johannesburg.

who are the champions 4

* I really love this project and want to give kudos to the folks who put it together. At first, its a bit daunting, because there is just so much content….. but after you get the hang of navigating their site, you get caught in that beautiful space that only the internet provides – click throughs lead to clicks throughs leads to 2 hours time lost – but its not lost on nothing. Its worth your time.

We constantly are bombarded with FIFA things and headlines and drama, but we rarely get a deep dive into the people that are affected. We just see the tremendous amounts of monies that are taken in. Or, we see a headline or two about tragic events happening to construction workers, or a few people being dispossessed of their property and land, but it dies after we read the headline or a few lines of an article.

This does more than that. This holds you and you get to be involved, even if just on a click through basis, I think it gives you are real feel about being involved in this and really knowing what is going on. Share these stories and these links and these efforts because the worlds greatest event shouldn’t have these kinds of things happening. This is a celebration of sport.

* Its not all bad by the way. There are a million great things that come out of the World Cup that we are well aware of. But, I think just like the Olympics, many times it turns out that these impoverished countries that are awarded these events, which have “won” it by any means necessary, only tend to benefit the wealthy and not the people which is the antithesis of what sport, in its purest form, is really about.

The interactive documentary can be found on

who are the champions 3

– Who are the Champions is a Submarine Channel production in co-production with Dutch newspaper NRC and Miriquidifilm. Submarine Channel is an international distribution and production platform for creative and innovative digital media productions.

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