Twitter Maps Premier League Followers Worldwide : Arsenal tops United States

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Apr 22, 2015

Twitter Maps Premier League Followers Worldwide : Arsenal tops United States

Where does each Premier League club find its supporters? This map shows you where you’ll find followers for every Premier League club, with some coming from areas that are thousands of miles away.

Pretty cool heat map here and pretty interesting to see which clubs are the most popular around the world.

Pretty interesting that Arsenal is killing it like that. Not necessarily surprising, but how it all breaks down is.

One of the reasons that it is so interesting to me, is that Beans and I were actually having this conversation a few weeks ago over some adult bevies.

One of us had seen a recent stat about how Arsenal has the most fans in North AMerica and we were curious as to when that happened.

Not that Arsenal shouldn’t have a ton of fans here but I’ve noticed that most people that I come across are Manchester United supporters or Chelsea supporters or some random side that their fathers were huge fans of.

It might be something that I need to look in to.

us premier league twitter followers

Random side note, and something that I have noticed, there aren’t a ton of Chelsea fans around me, even though its the number two ranked team. I knew there was a reason I enjoyed myself so much when I was in the midwest.

Another interesting thing to look at is comparing where the supporters are worldwide to where Premier League teams go to tour every summer.

Also interesting, Chelsea is heeeeeavy in Mexico and South America. I knew I chose the correct club!

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