Megan B Playing FIFA – Random Soccer in Random Places

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May 6, 2015

Megan B Playing FIFA – Random Soccer in Random Places

megan b fifa gram
via Megan621 on instagram


Every once in a while you’re perusing the instagram, you see something special. This happens to be one of those special times.

Megan Bernard is am a model, athlete, friend of the BP_TOW family, and philanthropist from the 504.

She’s been on the TOW pages before and here she is again. She was Miss COED 2013, been all over the internets, a mainstay on The Chive and her twitter and instagram are (fire emoji)! (fire emoji)! (fire emoji)!

Here she is playing FIFA. I’ve got to imagine that she wins a game or two with this strategy. #FIFAgamestrong

I’m the idiot trying to figure out if I want to play a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 and she’s just there standing like that.

Game over.

Anyways, this is the epitome of Random Soccer in Random Places, I would have never been expecting MB to be playing FIFA. Well, she is. Just another reason to love New Orleans…

Here is all of her social stuff, because you should be following her anyways. : Megan Bernard on IG : Megan Bernard on Facebook

Megan Bernard on twitter

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