Toronto FC and MLSE Ban Vulgar Fans from ALL FACILITIES

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May 13, 2015

Toronto FC and MLSE Ban Vulgar Fans from ALL FACILITIES

Well done.

mlse statement vulgar fans

We applaud Maple Leaf’s Sports + Entertainment group for their swift actions against these idiot fans. Definitely applaud Toronto FC for going along with this sort of punishment as well. The FHRITP thing is stupid and vulgar and not even clever. It doesn’t make sense and has no place here.

If you are unfamiliar with it, a few days ago a news reporter was outside of a Toronto FC v. Houston Dynamo game getting some crowd react, when a couple of dumb dumbs who were hanging around trying to make themselves famous, took a live opportunity to yell out a phrase that got popular a year or so ago, most famously by college Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston, and then they got laid out by the reporter.

Good for Shauna Hunt (@shaunacitynews) for not letting these lames off the hook, good for the cameraperson to keep that camera rolling and catching these numbskulls in the act, and good for the people in this organization and the people who employed this degenerate for taking swift Game of Thrones like action against him…. Dude loses his tickets going forward, dude got fired from his 6-figure job, and dude is internet famous for all of the wrong reasons.

Hope it was worth it bro.

TFC fans face ban for encounter with female reporter – Toronto Sun

Toronto FC heckler loses job, faces stadium ban for vulgar defense of ‘FHRITP’ prank – Washington Post

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