Cristiano Ronaldo Has a “RONALDO MOVIE” Coming Soon

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Jun 10, 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo Has a “RONALDO MOVIE” Coming Soon

This, to me, is a pretty interesting situation cooking up.

Not so much that I’m surprised that Cristiano is excited about a movie coming out about himself, but more so that I am curious to see how this works out.

I posted this with a business category, because this is an absolute business move and will be one of the first tests of the monetary strength of social media.

I’m happy to confirm that there’s a film being produced about me. Stay tuned for more info at

Posted by Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We’ve long been a huge proponent of the social media stats and feel that there is a tremendous opportunity for a ton of superstars in all realms to take advantage of the hordes of people that follow them.

I get making money off of endorsements if you are a famous-for-being-famous person without a real talent. Yes, if you are one of the K’s and you have a lot of millions on instagram its cool to just keep taking selfies and getting paid a ton of money for that. But, the one thing that I have always wondered is why these guys don’t go all the way and try and make all the money.

Cristiano Ronaldo has 36 million twitter followers. He has 20.5 million instagram followers. He has 103 million followers on the facebook.

For sure, a lot of those are overlapping followers, but let’s just say that he probably has at least 50 million unique followers.

Let us do the math on that. Can we say that maybe 10% of his followers will go and support this? Let’s say that this movie is on iTunes for download, $3.99 HD rental, $6.99 to buy the movie.

If you get 5 million people, to throw down on that, and you negotiate a 50/50 split with Apple, and you say the full production cost for this documentary is around $3 million dollars. You probably walk away from this with maybe $10 or $12 million.

What if you convince Netflix to buy it outright?

I’m reeeeeeeeally interested in how all of this shakes out because if its a crazy success (and the movie isnt a piece of shit), do a lot more celebrities and athletes take a shot and produce this sort of stuff?

I hope so. Can’t wait to see the trailer.

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