It’s Go Time – USWNT

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Jun 8, 2015

It’s Go Time – USWNT


The USWNT is literally minutes away from kicking off their 2015 road to victory. Having had the chance to sit down and chat with a few of them over the last month, I figured now was a perfect time to share some additional thoughts from them.

Tobin Heath on the white and black home kit:

Nike have pretty much been bold with their colors. With this kit, I think we are reinventing ourselves. It kind of goes along with the story we are trying to tell. We want it to be unique. We want it to be special and I think this kit allows us to kind of make that story our own.

It’s very cool now that men can support us now wearing the same jerseys that we’re wearing. My dad and brother couldn’t get the same jersey that I had, so when they came to games they couldn’t feel as much a part of that. And I think it’s very cool now that our fans are as integrated into this team in every way possible.


Christen Press

I feel great, I’m so excited to be a part of this team. I feel confident in the girls and in myself. I feel like I am in a great point in my career and I’m just excited to get out there!


Christen Press on current form:

I think a lot of girls are in really great form right now. I’ve never been a part of this cycle and all the work you put in to get to this month long moment. It’s fantastic to see it in my teammates and to feel it personally. It’s all coming together!


Sydney Leroux

If we become world champions it will change the face of women’s soccer in America. Our lives will change forever. This is huge and it’s a huge moment and they only come every once in awhile.


This was the very first selfie taken in the new US Nike Women’s World Cup gear. When they win this whole thing, I think we can expect a whole lot more of these!!


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