Nike Find Your Fast Campaign

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Jul 1, 2015

Nike Find Your Fast Campaign

Speed in sports is being constantly pushed. Soccer players are faster, the pace of games is quicker and technology keeps advancing to help both players and the game continue to become faster.

Nike has launched a global campaign called “Find Your Fast” that challenges people to run their fastest time this summer. That may mean training to run your fastest time for one mile or a personal record for something longer. Nike is challenging people to push themselves to get faster.

Neal Brennan, co-creator of the Chappelle Show, collaborated with Nike on the direction of the campaign’s anthem piece, “Find Your Fast.” Quick highlights include a fast cameo from one of the world’s fastest men, Michael Johnson; the world’s fastest woman, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce; the world’s fastest commercial starring Kobe Bryant and world famous magician David Blaine; the infamously fast Road Runner cartoon and a nod to one of Nike’s speediest running shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8.

“Fast can be about beating the defender to a spot, or not letting the offensive player get to his spot,” explains Kobe Bryant about the importance of fast on the basketball court.

Part of the campaign is centered around the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 sneaker.

Many of these athletes train or compete in shoes with Nike Zoom Air technology. The Nike Zoom Air Elite, a favorite amongst many top runners, plays a star role in the ad. Whether quickly moving from shot to shot during a fast paced tennis match, speedy lateral changes in a football game or quick bursts of speed on the basketball court, Zoom allows athletes of every caliber can optimize their quest for speed.

And this is a good looking training sneaker.


Wayne Rooney got in on the action as well.

Six Nike Master Trainers are joining forces this summer to launch a 12-week fitness challenge for the Nike+ Training Club (NTC) App. The Find Your Fast NTC Challenge is specifically designed to improve speed, power, and agility through a diverse set of daily workouts.

The Challenge starts July 6 and the first Master Trainer workout — Marie Purvis’s Ready, Set, Zoom workout — debuts July 7. After that, a new workout headlined by a different Nike Master Trainer will launch every two weeks, highlighting different types of training to help you feel faster, such as high intensity training, yoga, strength training and barre.

On August 30, you will be challenged to run your fastest mile alongside the Nike+Run Club and the elites speeding towards victory in Beijing. Stay up to date with the Find Your Fast NTC Challenge by following the Nike Sport Feed in the NTC App.

I think I’m going to have to get involved and challenge myself with this program. My new soccer season starts next weekend, so the timing on this works out nicely. Who’s down for the challenge?

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