BUMPY PITCH Shirts: The Goal and Corner Flag Ones

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Aug 24, 2015

BUMPY PITCH Shirts: The Goal and Corner Flag Ones

In this video, we look at two shirts.

Both of which showcase some of the most essential items in the game of football, a ball, a goal, and corner flags.


The sport stripped down to its most essential items:

A ball and a goal.

That’s all we really ever have needed . That’s exactly what this shirt represents. A ball and a goal and you can be good just about anywhere anytime.


Dunny scored the first RSL goal at home in the history of the club. And when he did, he ran to the corner flag, grabbed it out of the ground and then stabbed it back in the ground claiming that his team, was in fact, there to stick around. Kind of like Bumpy Pitch. This shirt pays homage to that important goal that Dunny scored and to planting a flag and sticking around for years to come.

This shirt also features the classic soccer number of 10 printed on the back.

Both shirts comes printed on an extremely soft blended fabric.

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