Keep It In Your Sights from Kaloopy feat. Lena Martinson + WoodysProduce

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Aug 26, 2015

Keep It In Your Sights from Kaloopy feat. Lena Martinson + WoodysProduce

We’re big fans of the work that Kaloopy is doing here…..

If you aren’t following them on the internets, you are missing out on some quality entertainment.

I currently have a back patio that I am decking out and I’m a big fan of this bench action …. and the music …. and the girl. She makes the video so much better that I forgot about the bench all together.

Her name is Lena Martinson and you should follow her all over the place.

* Just click play. The YouTube hasn’t loaded the thumbnail yet, but its ready for viewing. You want to see it.. :

Follow Kaloopy in youtube and twitter for all of the latest video information.

Lena Chuz Kaloopy

* Now, here is something interesting. I was listening to the YesNo song as well and I thought it was pretty dope so I clicked through to the dude whose music it was on his coundcloud page and lo-and-behold, he has an entire Outkast mix he did that is heeeeeeeavy heat. So, shouts out to WoodysProduce! You got a new follower out of the kid. Is this available for download somewhere playboy?

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