Watch :: Verne Troyer’s “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” Race Car Technique ft. Erik Valdez

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Aug 3, 2015

Watch :: Verne Troyer’s “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” Race Car Technique ft. Erik Valdez

Check these videos out guys. Verne and Erik are part of the BP_TOW fam and here are two OUTSTANDING videos that just came across the internets.

Well, the first video was up last week and the second one dropped about an hour ago.

They are part of Verne’s new YouTube series called ONE SIZE FITS ALL that is absolutely fantastic.

The webisodes are of Verne doing things that you may or may not believe he can do. Having known Verne for a while and been around the kid, its wild sometimes the things that people ask if he can do.. I guess it makes sense, but interestingly enough, he can do damn near everything I or we can do except grab sh.t that is high up. Real talk. I think these videos will give people a really good sense of it.

Here in these videos, Verne meets Erik and a race track here in SoCal and they take Verne’s new Audi out for a spin. In the second, Erik (a legit pro racer by the way) takes Verne for a spin in the mighty Mustang.


Follow them all over the internets:

Verne on Twitter : Instagram : YouTube : The Facebook

Erik on Twitter : Instagram : The Facebook

Verne Troyer One Size Fits All

Introducing Erik Valdez : Erik Valdez Is A Rising Star – TOW

Verne Troyer In Bumpy Pitch : Verne Troyer In Bumpy Pitch With Peter Andre – TOW

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