Watch :: Brazilian Referee Pulls Out Gun During Confrontation

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Sep 29, 2015

Watch :: Brazilian Referee Pulls Out Gun During Confrontation

So, this happened over the weekend.

A referree called Gabriel Murta was officiating a match between amateur clubs Brumadinho and Amantes da Bola, when apparently a call went sideways, he got kicked and punched by an Amantes da Bola player.

Here was the rub though, the referee is also a policeman.

He had a pistol in his bag.

After he got kicked and punched, he went for said pistol, and that is where the video picks up.

Luckily, as we can see in the video, his linesman calmed him some and he did not let the whistle blow, but this brings up a bigger point, and its something we’ve touched on before.

This disrespect that goes towards officials is infuriating to me, and something needs to happen to address it.

Obviously, I don’t want some dude in shorts and a short with a mic taped to his face to start dropping bodies on the pitch, and it shouldn’t even be up to him. But the way that some of these players act, and the way that some of these coaches act, and the way that some parents act, someone is not going to be in their right mind one of these days and something tragic is going to happen.

We’ve all read the stories and seen the headlines about people attacking refs, and some of them getting killed, but angry and frustrated folks, but this sh.t has got to stop.

I hope that it never happens, but we’re going to see a video like this in the future where the ref is not going to have that off switch and then he’s just going to his bag for the heat, and then go Rick from Walking Dead on everybody.

I truly hope it never happens but I’m scared that it will.

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