TOW Book Club :: WORST IN THE WORLD by Aidan Williams

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Oct 12, 2015

TOW Book Club :: WORST IN THE WORLD by Aidan Williams

This is the latest book being exchanged around the team.

Worst in the World: International Football at the bottom of the FIFA Rankings by Aidan Williams

Worst In The World - 1

In Worst in the World, Aidan Williams looks at the national teams at the wrong end, so to speak, of FIFA’s rankings. In doing so, he brings attention to those nations whose footballing aspirations lie not in trophies or even qualification, but simply in the love of the game and the pride of representing their country.

As you can see by the TOC below, this is a quick read…. you can knock this out in an afternoon over a pot of tea. The paperback is about $15 bucks over at Amazonia and you can find it in other places.

Its written by Aidan Williams whom hails from Newcastle upon Tyne. He is the Editor of The Sports Book Review and has written for many football websites including These Football Times, Back Page Football, and Just Football, among others.

Worst In The World - 3

This is going to be a good read.

Worst In The World - 2

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