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Oct 22, 2015

The Parlor Champions League - 1

We love The Parlor.

With over 50 televisions, a large outdoor patio, American comfort food and a wide selection of beer & cocktails, The Parlor is your home away from home and your #1 spot to enjoy the game.

I can attest, having been there for Lakers games and Sunday football and even trivia night, The Parlor in Hollywood is an A1 venue to have a good time and watch games.

It just so happened that Beans and I were sitting around the office earlier this week and thinking we needed to get out to watch games somewhere given that in the office, we find ourselves switching the TV’s to different channels at different points of the games because can’t watch all of the games at once.

So we reached out to our guy Ajay, one of the owners of the Parlor, and lo-and-behold, he told us that they started showing the Champions League games on the main screens because they have been getting a lot of requests lately from people who come out.

* They have shown a lot of soccer before, and well as the Champions League Final.

I walked in a little after 1130 (they open at 11) and yes, they definitely show Champions League games!

The Parlor Champions League - 2

Upon finding a seat at the bar they were showing almost every game.

Top left you had the Juventus v. Borussia Monchengladbach, next to that was United v. CSKA Moscow, below that was City v. Sevilla*, and on the main screen was PSG v. Real Madrid.

* Side note * The City game was on some off brand Direct TV channel, that they didn’t happen to have when we sat down, but Yonnie (one of the other owners) called Direct TV on the spot and had the City game playing in about 5 minutes.

I hadn’t even ordered a beer yet and I was giddy with excitement!

I happened to take a glance in the beer fridge behind the bar and saw that they had one of my favorite new beers on deck, so I had to order one.

The Parlor Champions League - 3

* Tangent * If you see House Beer, try it. You wont be sorry.

The Parlor Champions League - 4

Order time.

Thai Chill Wings.

The Parlor Champions League - 5

Four cheese and mushroom pizza.

The Parlor Champions League - 6


The Parlor Champions League - 7

Before I move on, let me say a few things about the food.

This pizza was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. I’ll give you that its a suuuuuuper California type of pizza, but I don’t know what they did to their pizza that made it taste like the crack that it is.

Maybe its the four cheeses. Maybe its the mushrooms. Maybe its the truffle oil drizzle. I would suggest going to this place, just.for.that.

Nachos are superior. Being something of a nachos-whisperer, when Madison (the bartender) said that these are some of the best nachos in the city, I was skeptical. Evvvvveryone says that they have good nachos but they rarely hit the mark. And you know why … its a very simple thing. Most restaurants, when they serve nachos, they just build them and send them out to the table.

The places that really know what they are doing, they build the ‘chos, they use REAL cheese, and then they throw them in a really hot oven or place them under the salamander for a couple of minutes AND THEN send them out to the table.

If you see the runner bringing out nachos, and he is using a towel to hold the plate because its hella hot from being under the oven, you know you’ve got some good nachos coming out.

And the side of salsa that was brought out was fire. Round of applause.

* I know that explanation was super inside baseball, but I used to work in restaurants so this stuff is important to me!

The Parlor Champions League - 10

I wasn’t thinking and didn’t have the fish eye lens with me so I couldn’t turn the camera around and get a wide shot of the entire place, but its massive.

Here is a video from their IG at the start of the NFL season.

There is also cool little den off to the side for a little more private viewing if that is your thing. These cats commandeered the room and had a nice situation.

The Parlor Champions League - 8

When you come by, if you see Madison tending bar…… #JamesonShots

The Parlor Champions League - 11

This is for nights at The Parlor!

The Parlor Champions League - 9

By the way, The Parlor isn’t just about sports.

They do comdey night, they have a group painting thing that goes on some nights, the place is dog friendly, and probably most importantly they do the LA Hashtag Lunchbag meetups out of The Parlor.

We’ve talked about hashtag Lunchbag on TOW a few times and Ajay was one of the co-founders of that movement.

We wrote about HTLB in February of 2013 after one of the other co-founders, J-Dubb, posted a quick little video of what they’d done on his Facebook page.

Watch “Hashtag Lunchbag” Put Some Smiles On Peoples Faces | #Hashtaglunchbag #Lunchbag – TOW

If you aren’t familiar, HTLB was originally, and still is to great measure, “A group of friends who aim to inspire others to pay it forward by incorporating random acts of kindness in our daily lives.”

They started Hashtag Lunchbag on Christmas Day 2012 with the intention to provide a hearty & balanced meal to those in need.

What they did was:

  • Take a trip to our local grocery store
  • Purchased items to build a balanced meal
  • Invited a like-minded group a friends to come partake in the festivities; (4) Created an assembly line in a living room while listening to some amazing tunes
  • Identify those in need and pass the bags out with smiles on our face

This is one of the pictures from the second time they did HTLB.

hashtaglunchbag 2

And from what started in an apartment living room, has now grown into a nationwide phenomenon where they are thousands of like minded individuals, all across the United States, who are buying groceries and creating assembly lines in apartments and schools and at restaurants and community centers and passing out bags to those in need.

I just hopped on the gram and did a search of Hashtag Lunchbag and this should give you an idea of the movement right now:

Hashtag Lunchbag IG Search - 1

Holy sandwich! This is happening RIGHT NOW at The Parlor! #hashtaglunchbag #TheParlorHW

A video posted by The Parlor Hollywood (@theparlorhw) on

How awesome is that!

Get down with the movement and if there isn’t one in your city, start one and be a part of something special!

Even Wells Fargo stepped up and really got involved with the movement.

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