The Best Soccer Boots of 2015

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Dec 23, 2015

What a year this has been in the market for soccer boots. Popular boot silhouettes have been scrapped. New styles have been released. Classic leather has met modern technology. There has been a steady stream of updated color ways in popular boots. Overall the boot market is evolving and becoming more popular than ever before. There are even more boot collectors than we have ever seen!

To talk through some of our favorite boots from the year, we got together with our good friend Bryan who runs SoccerCleats101. Few people know boots like Bryan does. He tests countless boots throughout the year and gives some of the most knowledgable and informative reviews on boots that you are going to find.

I mostly like talking about the design and how they look!

With that said, here are our top ten boots from 2015.

adidas Ace15+ Primeknit

Ace15+ Primeknit

Bryan – Earlier this year, adidas made the bold decision to clear out their entire line-up of boots and replace them with new silos. As part of the new series of releases, they took to a premium Primeknit design and it performs phenomenally. This is perfect balance, with the Ace15+ designed to provide clean touch on the ball with a durable feel. Right across the upper, adidas employ a 3D vacuum skin that offers unbelievable grip and protects the upper in all weather conditions. Because the upper is so pliable, they are also incredibly comfortable and very easy to wear!

beans – When I first saw the Ace and X first released I gravitated to the look of the Ace. Plus, it was built for my style of play. And the Ace delivered for me in a really great way. The white and black colorway is my favorite option that came out this year. Pair with pink laces to match the front studs and you have an amazing looking boot.

Under Armour Speedform

UA SpeedForm Profiled

Bryan – It might seem unusual to see UA sit so high on this list, but they have created an absolute solid release in the Speedform. The naming convention gives away their intended direction, but it is comfort where they truly excel – and I love comfort! Inside the boot, the lining runs seamlessly down into the sole providing an extremely uniform fit. There is also that form fitting forefoot that features an unusual ridged, visual appearance and provides a new type of clean touch and control on the ball.

beans – I have an all white pair of these that are as clean, crisp and modern as any pair released this year. I find that some boots that are designed specifically for speed can lack in comfort and fit. Not these. They are as comfy and well fitting as any boot that came out this year.

Nike Tiempo Legend 6

Tiempo Legend 6

Bryan – One of the newest releases on the list, Nike took a fresh new direction with the latest Tiempo release. If there was anything on this latest version that offers a noticeable improvement it is the clean leather upper design and the improved width through the forefoot. Inside the boot, an internal cage system is used to create the arrow like design on the top of the forefoot, and the criss-cross along the lateral and medial sides.

beans – I’m a long time fan of the Nike Tiempo. It’s my go to boot. And the new 6 did not disappoint. I will say I kind of miss the waffle stitching on the fore foot, but these are just damn good boots. Nike took my favorite silo and made it even better. Well done.

Nike Mercurial Superfly

Nike Superfly IV Black

Bryan – When it comes to modern technology, the Superfly leads the way! With a dynamic fit collar that locks down the player at full speed, a micro-textured Nike Flyknit upper provides players with a barefoot-like feel that gets the foot closer to the ball and closer to the ground for increased control. Under foot, a highly responsive carbon-fiber plate is designed to further provide explosive speed in all directions. Everything combined sets these apart from other mainstay releases on the market. It is very important to note that the Superfly fits a lot more narrow and tighter than other Nike boots, so you need to have a medium width fit to truly feel comfortable in them.

beans – These just look stealth to me. Like they were designed to attack. And that is pretty much what they were designed to do. I don’t really wear Superfly’s that often because my foot is a little wide for them. But these are stunning boots that continue to get better and better.

adidas X15

Adidas X15 White

Bryan – “Chaos plus perfect fit”, that is what the X15 is all about. The adidas X15.1 features several technical innovations, which all feature the letter X. The reinforced X-CAGE is obviously a key element and is designed to keep an adequate balance between a lightweight boot and one which offers the support a player needs on the pitch. They are another boot that have a slightly tighter fit, both through the forefoot and around the ankle.

beans – I wasn’t a fan of these when they first came out. I didn’t like the look. I didn’t understand getting rid of the Predator. I was basically very uncertain of this new silo. And then I tried them out. The X15 ended up being one of my favorite boots in terms of fit and how secure and locked down my feet felt while wearing them. I have the very bright yellow and black colorway which definitely stands out when on the pitch. Overall, the X15 was probably the biggest surprise of the year for me in the boot world.

adidas Gloro

Adidas Gloro

Bryan – One of the primary reasons Adidas released the Gloro was to bring back the tongue. It is not entirely a sole reason to release a boot, but it provides a building block to create something special. When you look at the classically styled forefoot and cross stitching, a simple and elegant Black/White upper design and a modern flexible soleplate, this is a new-age version of the Copa Mundial. With all the success the Copa had, it makes sense that these have received plenty of applause in their first year on the market. One of the best parts is the fact Adidas has stated this is a release they plan to keep on the market full-time, with little to no changes over the coming few years. If you need a new reliable option, look no further!

beans – As much as I like all the bright and exotic color ways that we see in boots these days, there will also be something special for me about a classic black and white leather boot. And as Bryan mentioned, this boot actually has a more classic looking fold over tongue as well. Solid choice here with the Gloro. Glad to see adidas dropping a classic silhouette like this.

Nike Hypervenom Phinish Tech Craft

Nike Hypervenom Phinish Tech Craft

Bryan – The Hypervenom II has been exposed to a lot of criticism this year. That has a lot to do with the popularity of the first generation release, which resulted in heavy expectations. One of the key issues has been the feel of the upper, with players reporting it as being a little too stiff. Well, there is one version in the series this year that completely negates this reaction and has received much more positive feedback. Adding a leather upper feels a lot more natural because the material is designed to be softer. In order to create the finished product, Nike actually fused the leather onto the upper.

beans – I’m a leather boot guy. I play in a variety of boots, but my favorite will always be leather. Leather boots just seem to fit my feet right. So when Nike released the Tech Craft that married traditional leather materials across all four of their boot silos, I was all in. I have Hypervenoms with the leather and non leather uppers, and the leather wins for me. Everytime. Plus they look kind of bad ass in the leather. And, it’s a great marriage of advanced boot technology and the feel of a classic leather boot.

Diadora Brazil SPA Made in Italy

Diadora Brasil SPA Made in Italy

Bryan – In a generation when lightweight boots with wild colors are all the rage, Diadora set a statement with a much more down to earth release. Not only do these boots feature a classic black leather upper, but they are also made in Italy. We are talking a return to roots and a completely new type of heritage release that is a must have more traditional enthusiasts. From a performance perspective they offer exactly what you would expect; a clean, padded touch with reliable feel and plenty of durability.

beans – There was a classic pair of Diadora boots from back in the day that were black with neon yellow branding on the side. They were worn by a whole bunch of players in the Serie A and I wanted a pair. They just looked so fresh and so…Italian. Well Diadora has brought back that classic styling of that boot and updated it (but not too much). And the result is a really classic and stylish pair of boots. Nothing over the top or wild about them. Just a boot that looks sharp, was made in Italy and that performs like a boot should.

Puma evoPOWER 1.2

evoPOWER 1.2 Camo

Bryan – Another boot that takes a solid step back from the first generation release, this is a boot that still provides wild, modern performance. The evoPOWER 1.2 with all its innovative technologies is made for power and accuracy when striking the ball. Taking its inspiration from the movement of a barefoot, the boot provides maximum flexibility, which has an increased impact on shooting power. A lightweight and super soft upper material stretches in a longitudinal not lateral direction allowing a freedom of movement while maintaining support.

beans – I have been a fan of how the evoPower has fit since it was first released. But the real story for me with these boots is the tonal pink and purple camo upper. That’s not something we have ever really seen before and the result is pretty damn rad. It might not be for everybody. And these might not be an everyday boot. But these make for a perfect boot that you can break out when the occasion is just right.

adidas Messi 15.1

Adidas Messi 15.1

Bryan – Given the fact that these are actually the boots worn by the great Lionel Messi himself, you might expect them to sit higher on the list. They offer extreme quality, but only to an exact type of player. For the right player, they offer next level performance thanks in part to the clean messiTOUCH upper. It features some light texture and has the appearance of shiny, faux leather. Ensuring you have the right fit is also a key element to making them work, but we found that they have a very snug and narrow fit that won’t suit a wide range of players.

beans – Not my favorite looking boot, but a solid boot nevertheless. They clearly seem to do an excellent job for Messi. And if they are good enough for him, they have to be a good boot. Am I right? I would like to see some more interesting color ways in the future to help enhance the overall design of this boot. A solid boot to round out the top ten boots of 2015.

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