TOW Eats : Watching Champions League At Justice Urban Tavern in DTLA

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Dec 11, 2015

TOW Eats : Watching Champions League At Justice Urban Tavern in DTLA

Craft Beers, Creative Cocktails, Great Food!

During this week, I was looking to get out of the office and find a place to watch some Champions League football in Downtown Los Angeles.

I’ve done the Casey’s thing, I’ve done the Hooter’s thing (a few times, good place, great wings….), I’ve done the Tom’s Urban thing, I’ve done the Little Bear thing a ton of times, but I was looking for somehwere a little bit different.

I called up one of my buddies who happens to be a police officer in LA asking about Pubs or places to watch a game close, and he suggested Justice Urban Tavern.

I’d never been, or heard of it, so I said to myself “why not?”

It turns out, Justice Tavern is a close spot, literally five minutes from the BP_TOW WOrld Headquarters in the Arts District and a pretty cool little spot.

Good food as you can see below, and good people.

I happened to talk to the bartender and apparently they’ve been showing soccer on the TV’s since they opened the joint. The owner of the place is no necessarily a soccer guy, but when they opened last year it was right ahead of the World Cup, so he ordered the soccer package because he knew there would be a crowd there…. turns out, the people came in droves and he’s been showing soccer ever since.

Justice Tavern 1

Justice Tavern 2 Drafts

This is my type of beer setup. Not a ton of choices but enough. And the ones they do have, are really good. They have a rotating Angel City tap and a rotating Lagunitas tap. I crushed one of each.

Justice Tavern 3 Menu

Justice Tavern 4 Menu

Justice Tavern 5 Menu

Justice Tavern 6 Menu

I went with the wings – they were amazing.

Justice Tavern 7 Wings

Then moved on to a turkey club. You can never go wrong with a turkey club….. the onnnnnnly thing I would suggest is that this one needs some mayo. They have an apple chutney type of sauce in place of it, but I could say that if I was making it, I would throw some mayo on the other side of the sando and this would be all class.

Justice Tavern 8 Turkey Club

Justice Tavern 9 Turkey Club

It looks like I will be going back here to see what it look like for some Prem games or La Liga games because although it was during the week, midday, there was still a pretty decent crowd watching… and Chelsea won. That does it for me. Not a whole lot of wins for the good guys so I will be watching games here for the foreseable future to keep this winning streak alive!

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