Arrest Made Chris Brunt Coin Throwing Incident at West Brom

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Feb 23, 2016

Arrest Made Chris Brunt Coin Throwing Incident at West Brom

Coin Throwing Arrest

This is really good news. Hopefully they punish this guy to the full extent of the law!

Getting liquored up and cheering your guts out is fine. Getting liquored up and being emotional to the point where you are throwing things on the pitch at people, is not fine.

I can understand the passion and the fire that burns within where you get frustrated to the point where you are reeeeally upset, but what I can’t understand is how you get to the point where you think it is okay to throw something dangerous at people, especially people who are just trying to do their job – a job which a lot of the reason they are doing it is to entertain you.

Throwing things on the pitch, running on to the pitch, bringing signs and props that are offensive and racist as fxck have no place in this game and when someone steps out of line like this, they need to punished.

And they need to be punished swiftly and with extreme prejudice! (Legal team alert)

After the incident over the weekend, West Brom issued a statement which looks like they aren’t going to stand for this kind of behavior:

ALL our true supporters will join the Club in condemning the sickening behaviour of a few individuals at the end of our FA Cup fifth-round tie at Reading.

They will be horrified at the sight of one of our longest-serving players, Chris Brunt, being struck beneath an eye by a coin as he attempted to show the team’s appreciation to the travelling fans for their backing during an ultimately disappointing afternoon.

The incident should not be allowed to blacken the good name of West Bromwich Albion and its loyal supporters.

We are working with all the relevant authorities to identify as quickly as possible the offender, who can expect the severest of sanctions by the Club for his actions.

We are now sure all our supporters will be anxious to show the true spirit of the genuine West Bromwich Albion fans for the forthcoming fixtures, beginning against Crystal Palace at The Hawthorns on Saturday.

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