INSIDECOACH – Smart Soccer Ball Trainer

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Feb 25, 2016

INSIDECOACH – Smart Soccer Ball Trainer

The soccer ball contains motion detection technology. We collect data such as force, trajectory, spin and use it to provide you with important coaching cues that help a player improve. In addition to that we keep track of number of passes, touches, and the time you spend practicing.

The smart soccer ball connects by WiFi to your iPhone or Android smart device for long range connection and real time data transfer.

Well, this is interesting. I think we’ve seen over the last few years a real push for analytics in the game of soccer and we’ve seen how collecting data from what is happening on the pitch is having some real effect on how rosters are constructed and gameplay. As more analytics guys get in to management positions and in to the game, it only makes sense that every element of the game is going to be affected. Naturally, that has extended to different training techniques and the next logical step will be the equipment.

We’ve seen a ton of technology in boots and in kits, so it only makes sense that the technology and data collection and analytical analysis would makes its way to the actual equipment on training ground.

We’ve seen some bigger budget companies take a shot at it, but this might be the first small side company that has taken a stab at it, and I’d imagine they’ve gone at it with different tech.

And in a short amount of time, they’ve almost hit their Kickstarter campaign goal. Check out the video and find them on the internets because there are some pretty awesome rewards for throwing down with them.

* It looks like they are based in SLC, hmmmm…

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