Watch :: Lionel Messi Interviewed by La Masia Academy Kids

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Feb 1, 2016

Watch :: Lionel Messi Interviewed by La Masia Academy Kids

Leo Messi is probably the best player of all time, but he’s also an all-round nice guy off the pitch too. The Argentinian superstar wanted to share his fifth Ballon d’Or trophy with the youngsters in the Barça academy, because he knows that the famous Masia played a huge role in his development into the player he is today.

In this interview, Messi met with the five youth first teams (from U10 through to U19) captains: Juanma García, Arnau Comas, Àlex Rico, Pablo López and Pau Prim.

And then he answered all of their questions about his professional and personal life, as well as giving them tips for how they could go on to emulate his success one day.

You are very lucky to be in a club like this. This is a rare opportunity not only in football, but in life. Barça gives you the chance to study, to grow and to get an education. I think it’s important for you took make the most of all this and then to enjoy your football and be as professional about it as you can.Lionel Messi

Just an awesome video. I can only imagine the experience that it was for these five kids…. and I wonder what the environment is like over there at La Masia. To be a youngster in the academy of arguably the best club team in the world, everyday, and know that arguably the best player in the planet is training just across the way, and comes to hang out all the time and did the exact same thing that you are doing right now, has to be incredible. But to get a chance to sit down with him and talk with him and spend this kind of time is great.

I wonder how much interaction there is between the youth teams and the senior level team on a regular basis. Not that the guys would ever big time the kids or anything, but they have families and they are traveling all over the place to play game – but then again, they do have training. And for the most part they all trained there as kids. I wonder how often they go over and hang with the younger dudes.

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