Ronaldinho and MC Bin Laden : Xuxa Meneghel TV Show

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Mar 28, 2016

Ronaldinho and MC Bin Laden : Xuxa Meneghel TV Show

Ok, first-things-first, I don’t speak Portuguese. I don’t understand Portuguese.

But, that being said, I’ve watch about 25 minuts of video and been very entertained.

I came here to watch Ronaldinho play keepy-uppy with some random dude and shoot the ball in a bucket from a long way away on a show hosted bt who I imagine is the Brazilian Ellen? After clicking clicked through to the video player for the episode, I saw a dog playing keepy uppy.

Big shout out for naming the dog Scotch. We support this.

And then I saw a rapper with half of his hair died and braces….!

And later, Ronaldinho is on stage singing…….

Tour de force all the way around, and I just had to find out who this rapper dude was. Well, it turns out that his name is MC Bin Laden………………………………………………..

He seems to be a really big deal though because this video has over 53mm views on the tube!

From what I can gather, Ronaldinho is one of MC Bin Ladens idols and he was inspired by Ronaldinho to create the choreography of Tá Quiet Okay Favourable the song above, one of the most played songs of the moment.

* Random side note, Xuxa has a daughter, and she will be a really big deal in a couple of months if she wants to be. That is all.

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