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Mar 17, 2016

TOW Eats :: Pickwick Pub

This, is a proper pub. Pickwick Pub in Woodland Hills, California.

Pickwick Pub - 1

Beans and I had a meeting in The Valley late last week but it just happened to be the same days as United taking on Liverpool in Europa League, so we were a little bummed that we might miss some of the game, but I got really excited on the way to the meeting becuase I spotted this place down the street from where we were meeting.

I’d never been to this place nor heard of it. It’s proper.

I checked it out on Yelp ahead of the meeting and its got some strong reviews.

Pickwick Pub - 8

Its always a good sign when you come in to a joint and they already have games on. A lot of time we have to ask the berkeep to turn to FS1 or NBCSN or whatever so that we can watch a game, but its refreshing to enter a barn and its already on. You feel like you’re in the right place.

Check out the menu, lots of proper pub food. #Fried

Pickwick Pub - 3

Pickwick Pub - 4

Pickwick Pub - 5

Pickwick Pub - 6

Fried mushrooms with house made ranch….

Pickwick Pub - 7

This burger.

Pickwick Pub - 11

It’s a chee burger, with guac and fried jalepeno.

Pickwick Pub - 12

She recommended the burger, and I took her up on it…. great move.

She also recommended Fireball for a round of shots with some new friends I met at the bar, and I took that up too…… not so great move.

Pickwick Pub - 13

Her name is Kim by the way and its her families barn. Great place with great folks!

Pickwick Pub - 16

Sticky toffee dessert. #WorthIt

Pickwick Pub - 18

If you are ever deep in the 818 and are looking for a pub to watch some footy, or play some foosball, or throw some darts, this is the place you want to be.

Pickwick Pub - 9

Pickwick Pub - 10

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