TOW Eats : SmithHouse Tap & Grill

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Mar 3, 2016

TOW Eats : SmithHouse Tap & Grill

SmithHouse SM - 1

Dunny happened to be in town the last few days working games, so I took it as a chance to catch up with my mate.

Turns out, yesterday also happened to be his birthday so we caught up a local spot called SmithHouse. I’d never been there, but it wasn’t too far from a couple of my usual hang spots so it seemed well enough to me.

SH bills themselves as a Sports Bar / Gastropubs / Barbeque joint and I must say, it is all of those things.

SmithHouse SM - 2

SmithHouse SM - 3

We got there as the doors were opening around 1145a (Prem League games were starting) and we sat right down at the bar. Three menus, one was the entire menu, one was a beer menu, one was “lunch specials” – I was planning on ordering from 2 of the 3 menus – I just didn’t know which two yet.

SmithHouse SM - 4

SmithHouse SM - 6

I was being a basterd yesterday and didn’t really take the best pictures, but there are a good 50 legit taps here. Saw some beers that I recognized, some I recognized and needed to try, and some that I’d never heard of before. That’s always a good sign.

Word to the wise, if you haven’t tried Denogginizer, stopped what you are doing and head to your local pub and request it. Its deliccioso.

When we showed up there were already two games on. We requested a third. Wasn’t a hard sell though as the bartender played some ball in high school. Right mid.

SmithHouse SM - 5

A fun fact about me: if there are nachos on the menu, I am ordering ‘chos for either an app for the table or my meal. Unless I’ve been to the place before and the nachos are trash, I’m ordering them. Period-point-blank.

I ordered the nachos and the bartendress asked, “Would you like to put some protein on it?” – double entendre in my head aside, I just told her ‘dealers choice, surprise me.” The nachos are below.

SmithHouse SM - 7

There was some black bean hummus ordered, but it was also eaten so fast by us, I didn’t snap a picture.

These are some cod fish tacos.

SmithHouse SM - 8

This is a turkey salad sando and side of pot salad

SmithHouse SM - 9

….and this, is the baddest burger you are going to get in Santa Monica.

SmithHouse SM - 11

Again, I told her surprise me with something nice for lunch (and I didn’t eat breffis) so don’t be shy and she ordered up this bad boy. Cheeseburger. Hot link. Egg.

She was kind enough to throw a side salad instead of freedom fries so I didn’t have a coronary right there on the spot.

SmithHouse SM - 12

* Side note *

The gent that sat down next to me at the bar even brought out his iPad to watch another game as if 3 PL games on at the same time, werent enough… Not mad at the sticktoitiveness though.

SmithHouse SM - 10

I did mention to Abigail (the bartendress) that it was Dunny’s birthday but I couldn’t buy him a drink since he was working later, and she was kind enough to bring the guy a slice of pie.

SmithHouse SM - 13

Here I am with Dunny and J Strong.

SmithHouse SM - 14

Fun time had by all and this place is down to show games. I will be stopping by here more often for sure.

Might need to go check it out for a Champions League game if I’m not at The Parlor in Hollywood.

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