Training with Jimmy Conrad

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Mar 11, 2016

Training with Jimmy Conrad

I feel as if it is my duty (as a grizzled veteran of life!) to give back some information about what I have learned along the way. – Jimmy

Twitter: @JimmyConrad
IG: @JimmyConrad
SC: CimmyJonrad

New series alert – Exciting new stuff coming from our guy Conradinho – showing some of the things that made him great.

Lowkey this is something that we talk about all the time at the BP_TOW HQ about finding a way to show people how hard professionals work at their craft and some of the things that helped them become who they are. Beans posted the Michael Phelps video from Under Armour yesterday that speaks to the idea of the things you do in the dark, putting you in the light, and Conrad is giving us something here that speaks to that as well.

To get the glory and all that comes with being a pro, you have to put the work in when no one is looking.

I think one of the great things about the time we are in is that we have access to these dudes and they are responsive. If you’re a kid out there looking to level up your game, if you are in high school or in college on your team and looking to raise your game, if you are a weekend warrior playing in a mens league, don’t be afraid to ask questions, submit stuff to us, ask Jimmy directly.

Use all the resources you have to be great.

Excited to see whats next.

Make sure you click through and sign up to his youtube page and follow him all over social media. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be already, but if you haven’t, hit him up on twitter and let him know what you want to see.

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