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Jul 17, 2016


So, maybe you’ve heard of this game Kickmen game being created by Size Five Games founder Dan Marshall.

The story goes that Dan is a game developer, out of the UK, who has made a couple of really really popular PC simulation games and was joking around one day on twitter about making a football game, even though he hates the game and knows nothing about it, and how he created it all in about an hour. He doesn’t know many rules of the games, or even care to know any rules of the game and he has gone about documenting this all on social media as the game comes together.

But, turns out, that doesn’t deter him from putting together a pretty solid game here. The rabid soccer gamers will rock with it some, but that’s not who his demo will be. It’s always regular gamers and kids that want to play something fun. You don’t have to be a footy fan to enjoy this game.

Obviously all the momentum that he’s getting online and the whole storyline of him hating football (I think its a joke on a lot of levels) has put the battery in his back to create something pretty good. He seems to not really expect a lot of the online social media buzz to translate into actual game sales or real life success, but I’d beg to differ. I don’t think it will be anything like Pokemon Go right now but he’s going to do alright for himself if they get the price point right on this one.

* By the way, and this is with no shade * but dude isn’t very good at this game he created, which is interesting. I suck at games so I’m not hating, but it actually makes me want to play it more because I’d always assumed that if you’re a game creator you would be pretty damn good at playing it. Maybe that makes more sense for FPS’ since you would know all of the layouts and progressions and not so much for sports since the AI is going through a billion +1 calculations and possibilities as the game plays.

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