“Gosh” by Romain Gavras for Jamie XX

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Jul 10, 2016

“Gosh” by Romain Gavras for Jamie XX

Here is my new music video for JAMIE XX song “GOSH” please watch full screen with loud speakers or headphones.Romain Gavras via twitter

Just an awesome reup on the GOSH single from Jamie XX, done here by Romain Gavras. The original, official, music video for Gosh came out about a year ago, and a few days ago, this one dropped. We haven’t gotten a ton of background on why there is another video, but who cares about that because this video is fvcking phenomenal. For the record, my favorite song off the album is still OBVS.

After a few moments of the video, you start to notice that the backdrops and the city look pretty familiar, but you just can’t place it. Me at least. And then, as it goes on, you really begin to recognize the city, but something looks off.

Doing a little research, apparently this video was shot in Tianducheng, a would be luxury real estate development and Paris look-alike that’s located in Hangzhou, China. There are several of these counterfeit cities all in different areas of China. Who know?

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