RISE : Katy Perry’s Official NBC Olympics video

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Jul 15, 2016

RISE : Katy Perry’s Official NBC Olympics video

Katy Perry just released her first new single in two years….. for the 2016 Rio Olympics. And you know what, this song is a real banger!

I’m one of those dudes, like we all are probably, that tends to place a greater meaning on sports than there really should be, and stuff like the Olympic Games get me every single time.

What makes these big events just a little bit better?

Music. The soundtrack of the competition.

There is a pageantry to major competitions beit Champions League or World Cup or the playoffs or the Olympics and with that grandiosity of the events and the grandiosity of athletic talent thats around there needs to be a soundtrack that matches that. This does that.

Not gonna lie, I was getting pretty fired up listening to this song and in some of those clips I started feeling some kind of way. Can’t wait for the Olympics now!

TOGETHER WE #RISE (on @Applemusic now)

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** Random Side Note **

Where TF is Pitbull right now?

Olympic song… Olympics in Rio….

This has Mr. Worldwide written all over it.

He’s got to be flabbergasted that no one contacted him about this.

If he isn’t cutting a remix to this song right now, I’d be shocked!

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