Ronaldo’s PESTANA CR7 Hotels

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Jul 23, 2016

Ronaldo’s PESTANA CR7 Hotels

Just yesterday, the first of a planned four “Pestana CR7 Hotels” opened up in the home city of the collaborators, Cristiano Ronaldo and hotelier Dionísio Pestana, owner and chairman of Pestana Hotel Group. Dionísio and Cristiano have been friends for quite some time both being from the small coastal Portuguese town.

It’s reported that Cristiano has invested over $40 million dollars as part of this partnership, or as he would call it “pocket change” having made close to $90 million in the past year alone, and has been intimately involved in the design and roll out of the hotel(s).

There is another planned opening in Portugal soon and then two more locations, one of which is New York City in 2017 and the other Madrid in 2019. That Madrid one is somewhat interesting to me because that tells me where his head’s at as far as his playing future may be concerned as well.

As I’ve been checking out these hotels online, a few things stand out to me immediately.


They are very much what you would think you would get from a Cristiano Ronaldo backed hotel, one of which is that in the first hotel, it is attached to a Cristiano Ronaldo Museum. Second thing, the rates are relatively affordable actually.

I think we’ve all stayed at boutique hotels and what they are asking for is definitely at a premium, but not necessarily too out of whack with what’s out there.

There are defined on the website(s) as lifestyle hotels and not “luxury” hotels and in this business, that is a very clear distinction.


They appear to be attempted to appeal to a crowd that has some pretty nice resources, but they are definitely targeting millennials and the hip to the CR7 hotels. The first hotel in Madeira isn’t a huge hotel by any stretch of the imagination and for me, I actually think that is a good thing.

They are boutique hotels.

And there are some very boutique hotel type of accents here.


I know this is just for promotional purposes but let’s go ahead and not have this huge pic of Cristiano above the sink where I’d wash and brush my grill.


All of the green in this bathroom would probably give me some anxiety too.


The rooms are decent enough for what you need a hotel room to accomplish.


The one thing that I know, is that this spot will be a pretty active scene on the weekends and game nights because this pool at the views are downright sexy, in day and night time.




I wonder how often a cruise ship will pull up on them though. That kind of kills the vibe a little bit.

The rooms are all pretty cool and each of the hotels plans to have one “CR7 Suite,” which you can imagine is meant to be a special place.

Check out a ton more images on the Pestana CR7 Hotel website and if you happen to be in Madeira or Lisbon soon and stay at one of the CR7’s, let us know!

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