Video :: Cristiano Meets Conor

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Jul 27, 2016

Video :: Cristiano Meets Conor

Cristiano Ronaldo comes to Conor McGregor gym in Las Vegas to show his support as Conor gets ready for UFC 202 against Nate Diaz

Guys, a lot going on here.

We’ve learned a lot about the both of these guys in this short video and I’ll share some of the highlights. For one, Cristiano’s summer is even better than we imagined. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York is quite a nice little tour of America. And this is on the heels of that nice little excursion to Ibiza after the Euros.

He stopped in Vegas for Jennifer Lopez’ birthday party at Caesars, which as you can tell from the video, he was pretty excited about.

We found out that his brother is a purple belt, didn’t know that.

We found out he has a jet, which we knew already, but that little comment about how big it is was pretty funny to me.

But, my favorite part of this video was without a doubt the topic of the Forbes list when Conor brought it up. For one, I don’t doubt for one second that Conor doesn’t know his EXACT ranking on that list. But two, the best of it is when Conor says he’s coming for the number one spot next year.

Cristiano, without missing a beat, almost emphatically let him know that there was no way that was happening! “Nahh, I don’t think so.”

We can’t quite make out what he is saying, but he said something about Real Madrid, and we all know he’s got some contract negotiations happening right now, so it might be stuuuuuupid what he ends up earning just in playing wages.

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