Morgan Brian Makes A TASTY Salad

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Aug 24, 2016

Morgan Brian Makes A TASTY Salad

So, this is super random.

I’ve been recently talking with a few guys about these TASTY videos that you see all over your facebook timeline coming from BuzzFeed on the reg. Ben and I were at lunch yesterday after the LAFC Banc of California groundbreaking and I’d mentioned the slow cooked carnitas that I’d made from a video I’d seen.

These videos are really big business.

Then, today when I fire up the ole internet machine, this video is within the first two scrolls of my facebook feed, Mo Brian making a salad on Tasty.


Pretty solid salad too by the way. I might have to throw this one together.

Btw, have you guys made any of these recipes from Buzzfeed? Another friend of mine threw it out there and wondered if they sped up the video timing, or how accurate the recipes and cooking length times were….I can attest that I have made a couple of them and they are pretty much spot on.

I think there are some temp adjustments because of oven and altitude but they are pretty close to right on the money.

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