Terrace Club Member – Cris Nyari

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Aug 17, 2016

Terrace Club Member – Cris Nyari


Since we launched The Terrace Club a couple of months ago we have received incredible support on it. Our member base is amazing and we wanted to share the stories of some of the Terrace Club members.

Our next member is a guy who has a job that would be the envy of many soccer fans. Cris Nyari is helping to build Bayern Munich in the United States and has seen some incredible growth in his time since the German giants opened up a permanent office here in the United States.

Many great things about this interview with Cris, most notably some time spent on how he turn his passion for the game in to a job in the game. He also talks about Bayern being the first team that has set up a permanent office in the United States and what that means as far as connecting with fans in the US and the teams growth.

Tons of good stuff and here is a preview:

Q: You are a soccer fan at your core who has followed the Bundesliga for a long time. What is it like for you to turn that passion into your job

It’s actually very interesting. We’re the first team to really open and maintain an operation like this in the US. Unlike so many other people who work in sports and for sports teams, our team is thousands of miles away. I know people who are doing similar jobs to myself at MLS or NFL teams, but they work at the stadiums or the headquarters, and the team is right there. We’re in a bit of a different situation because the team is in Munich and I cant exactly just pop over to the stadium. In that sense the operation is a little bit different. My job and the challenge is to try and educate people here and try to connect our fans to a club that is so many miles away. That brings with it it’s own set of challenges….

Head over to The Terrace Club blog for the rest of Cris’ answer and a great conversation with a Terrace Club member!

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