FORWARD: Abby Wambach’s Truth

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Sep 12, 2016

FORWARD: Abby Wambach’s Truth


Abby Wambach has a new book dropping this week, and earlier today she dropped a truth bomb on facebook.

Heavy stuff…

I’ve said it here a million times, Abby Wambach is an all out stud. Literally one of my favorite athletes on this planet. I’d always joked that if there are five people in the planet that I would want to get a beer with and just shoot the shit, outside of my family and friends, she’s definitely in the top five.

Obviously with what we’ve learned in the last few months, the beer thing will definitely not be happening, but if she’s ever around, the first coffee is on me. Her story I’m sure is incredible and I can’t wait to read this book.

TOW Book Club, book number 2.

She’s forever my captain, the great Abby Wambach

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