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Sep 28, 2016

Greyhound Bar and Grill Highland Park : TOW Eats


The Greyhound Bar & Grill, A Highland Park Tavern.

The Greyhound brings chef-driven Midwestern-inspired bar food and a thoughtful and fun beverage program to the streets of Highland Park, Los Angeles, California.

You can find craft beers, creative cocktails and American bar fare at this local spot with DJ nights & happy hour. Turns out, its a big soccer house too. The yelp score is very good so we felt like we had to check this spot out.

We rolled up to this spot in Highland Park, myself, Beans and Terrace Club member Zach for some Champions League footy and some beers. The owner we find out, is a huge Tottenham supporter. Kits hanging everywhere, Tottenham flags, and a great group of Spurs supporters cheering and chanting all the way through the match against the Russian foes.


Checking out the drink situation, I started out ordering a Stella (it was just turning noon and I wasn’t going heavy…) and crushed it. Then, I saw the board!!

House Beer + house bourbon $8.


Done and done.


Salt and vinegar chips, great.


First batch of wings. Definitely on the hot side if you’re in to that, really good.



After half, we checked out the menu and decided on the shrimp and grits, the loaded french fries and some jerk wings.


Shrimps + grits were solid. I’m born in to a family of deep southern roots so grits are something that I rock with on a very regular basis….I won’t say that these are in the range of what I would cook on some grits, but I’m not going to say they were not up to par by any stretch of the imagination. I wasn’t mad at ordering them. It was good.

The loaded fries however, are the best thing on the menu.

Something like a loaded fries, seemingly simple, are actually pretty easy to screw up. But, they are difficult to get right. Fries, chee, bacon bits. Perfect ratio here. I’ll order this every time I’m at this barn.


Side note about the wing selection, they have about 15 different kinds of wings that you can have and some are definitely better choices than the others. We took jerk on a hail mary, and possibly should have went with something else.

The jerk wings, eh.

The wings themselves were good but I’m deducting points for the jerk seasoning. It was a good effort, but it was more of the sweet jerk seasoning that you get in places not Jamaican or Jamaica, and not the spicy jerk that we were hoping for.


In my mind, way too much of the cinnamon part of the jerk than the ghost pepper part of the jerk. That being said, I’m the dude that likes my food to almost be too spicy. Raise a couple of notches on the Scoville scale and you’ve got the right mix for me.

Overall, great spot. It looks incredible. The staff is really good. And the food is pretty much spot on.

Also, if you’re a football fan and specifically a Tottenham supporter in the LA area, this is the spot for you.

We had a great conversation with some of the guys on the LA Tottenham Supporters Club board of directors, including the president, and they’re some real passionate guys who know the game.

If you cant be at White Hart Lane, this is the next best place.

The numbers were chill midweek for a Champions league game, but definitely a good turnout, and they are expecting around 150 people to show for the game this Sunday. Might have to stop back in…..6am.

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