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Oct 8, 2016


Snoh Aalegra is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. She is a part of the Artium family and works under the wings of music producer No ID.

Snoh’s mini album “Don’t Explain” is now available on iTunes : Snoh’s debut EP, “There Will Be Sunshine” is out now via iTunes as well.

Now, I just happening to be listening to OVO Radio today while getting some work done and heard the UNDER THE INFLUENCE record that is an out-and-out jam, and needed to know more about Snoh.

I’d never heard of her, I didn’t think I did at least, and then as I was instagram stalking scrolling through her IG because I saw her pic of Zlatan and was throwed off, I saw a marquee from a show that she did in LA, and remembered driving past that show or getting an email about it, or something.

Now, I’m really mad at myself that I didn’t know about this chick before….

….apparently, she is a huuuuuuuuge Zlatan supporter. Make sense her being from Sweden and all. But she is a footy fan forreals. Check out some of the IG pics:

Great musical influences too, on her IG she has pics of Aretha, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Mike, Nas, etc.

She might be the next one… .I’m going out on a limb right now.

1??#Love ???

A photo posted by SNOH AALEGRA (@snohofficial) on

A photo posted by SNOH AALEGRA (@snohofficial) on

How in the hell does this video only have 300k views?!?

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