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Nov 2, 2016

Tavern On Brand – TOWEats



Comfortable brick-walled tavern with traditional American bar grub, beers on tap & cocktails.

Address: 208 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

Tavern On Brand was established during the Summer of 2009 in the heart of historic Downtown Glendale, CA located next to the world famous Alex Theatre. Tavern On Brand’s mission is to provide its patrons with delightful drinks a rich culinary experience. Tavern On Brand has already become a community staple in the short amount of time that its doors have been open. Known to serve one of the best Happy Hour specials in the neighborhood, Tavern On Brand continues to higher the bar in its strive to become the number one destination for Glendale locals.

We stopped in to ToB for the beers, the food, and the footy.

It’s one of those places that makes a ton of sense where it is and its been doing things well for over 7 years now.

Whether its for a Lakers game or a Dodgers game, the place is flat out lit, and it’s a pretty well kept secret that its a great spot to watch some soccer if you are in the area OR, close to the area and looking for a spot that you know will be showing games.

I’ve done League Cup here, Champions League and even some international game day stuff here and I’ve never had to ask the bartender to change the channel to soccer – they always have games on.


The bar is fully stocked and they have a great selection of IPA’s on deck.

TV’s everywhere and they have a HUGE projection screen as well on the back wall.


Side note, happy hour is from 12-7p, works out perfect for mid day games!





Solid menu, lunch and happy hour and the big boy menu if you are feeling jiggy.




Wings and fries. Solid.


I’m a wings guy and they do wings well. I went for the Spicy Tavern Wings and they don’t let you down.


Margherita Pizza FTFW!


Pub pizza is always a crap shoot, but this place takes their time on the pies – this guy doesn’t fvck around and I don’t know whose idea it was to add this little aioli dipping sawse to the mix but whomever it was needs a raise or a prize or something. So good for your crusts!


We’ve actually been here before and here’s a pic of the burger, with bacon.

So good!



All in all, it was a little bit slow but good enough for a lunch break. I took pics of the entire room once people left and I was finishing my last beer, but the bartenders are good and I’d say that pretty much every table was taken.

I kind of like that long table in the middle of the joint, might have to get a group together to come check out a game.

Their hours are 11.30a-2a, so there wont be any Premier League activations there but there will definitely be some Terrace Club meetups in the future here, I just have to talk to the manager to see if its good.

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