Usain Bolt to Train Borrusia Dortmund

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Nov 12, 2016

Usain Bolt to Train Borrusia Dortmund

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He [Usain Bolt] has been in touch with Borussia Dortmund’s coach, will soon train with the team in Germany for a couple of days, “and see what happens”. But having always been a huge Manchester United fan, the manager he really wants to meet is José Mourinho. “For me, if I could get to play for Manchester United, that would be like a dream come true. Yes, that would be epic. – Guardian

Well, this is interesting on some level.

The worlds fastest sprinter has always been a huge football fan, as evidenced in numerous interviews and a ton of nods to the game on his social media, so it kind of makes sense that he would get some love from major teams.

We added the “PUMA side Borussia Dortmund” in the post title, because I don’t think that is something to be slept on. Usain Bolt is pretty much the banner athlete for PUMA and Dortmund is sponsored by PUMA.

I’ve got to guess that they are both associated with PUMA has a lot to do with this lowkey trial.

That being fast, there is no doubt that Usain is a world class athlete with all time speed and big af, so you never know.

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