The Chicken Connoisseur and Tottenham Hotspur

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Dec 9, 2016

The Chicken Connoisseur and Tottenham Hotspur

This kid is a star. We will be hearing a lot from him in the future.

The Chicken Connoisseur is a food critic for mandem who care to know what the finest chicken restaurants in London are and where to find them. He’s a bit of a crep fiend too.

This video series is great. Shout out to First We Feast for the heads up as they posted the first video and I happened to see that he was hanging out in front of Spurs Shop and threw a little shade at ’em!

The Hotspurs aren’t the only mediocre disappointment in Tottenham. The highly spoken of Chick King really wasn’t saying much. Been gassed up for years so my expectations were high and the delivery was lacking all kinds of flavour. Stay tuned for more Chicken related activity.

Check out the video below and click through to his page, really funny stuff.

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