Trailer: PEACH PANTHER starring Riff Raff aka Jodi High Roller

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Dec 28, 2016

Trailer: PEACH PANTHER starring Riff Raff aka Jodi High Roller

RiFF RaFF is coming to a movie theater near you in the year of 2017 with a movie based on his latest album of the same name, Peach Panther.

I’m very curious about this. Like, really curious about this because it is a light test on my theory about social media celebrities and how much they are able to take advantage of their celebrity and do things like, put out a full length movie themselves.

Now, there does need to be a little bit of brake pumping, because RR isn’t “putting this out on his own”, and quite honestly its quite the contrary as he is signed to a major record label, with major backing, but the way that it (and his career) seem to be put forth to us, is that he is very much a bootstraps kind of dude.

Little know secret in the music industry, or at least rap music specifically, all of these “unsigned” rappers that we think are just putting out music on youtube and soundcloud by themselves are all already on someones radar and they’ve been cut a check by some major or a major subsidiary and they are matriculating just as any other rapper has in the past, but its just a slower burn. BUT, thats speaking specifically to musicians, and its just a tangent of what I’m so curious about, with this movie here.

I’m curious because we’ve seen all of these social media celebrities cash in to differing degrees via sponsored ads, and banner ads, and sponsored posts or videos that they do, but what about when they turn it around and try to reach for something very traditional, like a feature length movie. Can they actually pull decent numbers if they get a wide release?

For the record, I’m lumping Riff into the social media celebrity pile because although he makes music, it cannot be disputed that he first tried to get on as a personality. And, its definitely where I got hip to dude after G’s to gents, was in this video:

Now, this all could have just been released on a whim, as we see the For Promotional Use Only tag on the bottom of the video. It could be something they threw together with b-roll and some stuff they filled while making videos for the album. It could be that they were reeeeally smart about it and used the big studio trick of simultaneously filming a ton of additional content while they shooting the videos of the album. Something really cool that the studios were doing during that whole Harry Potter, Hobbit, Spider Man, etc. movie era from about a decade ago was that they would just film multiple installments of those movies at the same time since they would have all of the sets and locations already taken care of.

If they did that, its super smart as they are basically getting a free movie out of it. Because most of those folks in the trailer have been in a RR video so it might have all been done during those shoots.

But, can they put asses in the seats?

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