American Playboy – Official Trailer

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Mar 16, 2017

American Playboy – Official Trailer

A fascinating docuseries chronicling Playboy magazine’s charismatic founder, Hugh Hefner, and his impact on global culture. Told from his unique perspective with never-before-seen footage from his private archive, discover the captivating story about the man behind the bunny.

American PLAYBOY, available April 7 on Amazon Prime Video, looks like it will provide insight into that wild life of the Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner. We’ve all seen the videos, or at least snippets of, and we probably have a pretty good feel of what it used to be, but it’s looking like this will explore it further.

* Looks to me like Amazon Prime Video telling everyone to pump the brakes with this whole Netflix is winning narrative.

They have some heat too if you didn’t know.

I love this idea by the way too, a half scripted, half documentary type of look might be a new wave.

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