Champions League Quarterfinal Draw

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Mar 17, 2017

The quarterfinals of the Champions League have been set and there are some interesting matchups. Here is a roundup of those matches and a few thoughts on each one.

Atletico Madrid v Leicester City – Of all the teams Leicester may have hoped to get in this round, Atletico might have been their choice. Both teams have been far from consistent this season so this could be up for grabs. Both teams are reliant on defending and then trying to catch a goal on the counter. Atletico has way more experience in matches like this which should be to their advantage.

Dortmund v AS Monaco – This should probably be the most entertaining of the round and the tie that produces the most goals. Both of these teams get after it, play super high temp and score goals by the boatload. I could possibly seeing both teams playing a bit more defensive minded with so much on the line. But this one should be fun.

Bayern Munch v Real Madrid – Carlo Ancelotti makes his return to Madrid to battle it out against his former player and assistant coach – Zinedine Zidane. The student takes on the teacher in this one. Plus, both of these clubs would have had high expectations to advance to the final. Going to be serious disappointment from one of these giants.

Juventus v Barcelona – After what Barcelona achieved against PSG in the last round it would be hard to bet against them. The obvious point of conversation in this one should be around Barcelona’s attacking prowess and Juventus’ stingy defense. One of the best attacks in world soccer going up against one of the best defenses. But, Juventus has some pretty serious talent going forward and with Barcelona trying out a new tactical formation and playing three in the back, this could get interesting real quick.

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