The Future Of Soccer Boots – Part One

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Mar 16, 2017

Soccer has seen a remarkable amount of change and progress with the core products that every soccer player uses. Jerseys are lighter than ever and have materials that wick away sweat to help players achieve better performance. Soccer balls go through extensive testing, they utilize less panels and are made from modern materials that ensure better flight. Shinguards have been updated and include technology that only hardens upon impact. Across the sport we have seen advancements in every segment of performance product. But nowhere is that more apparent and more celebrated than it is with soccer boots.

It’s hard to even list the advancements that have been made in the soccer boot category. Boots are lighter now. They are designed and built for specific styles of players. All kinds of advanced materials have been used for the upper. Stud configuration has been reimagined. Laceless technology has been introduced. Knitted uppers have been born. Carbon fiber sole plates have been used.

Every time a new boot is released that incorporates a new technological advancement it leaves many of us asking what can be done next?

Every time a new boot is released that is lighter than the previous model, we ask how much lighter can a boot get?

As technology continues to advance, the possibilities of what future boots will look like, how they will perform and just how smart they will be continuously evolves.


Boots have been completely reimagined from the ground up and some of the things we have been seeing in modern boots include:

  • Laceless boots
  • Higher ankle collars
  • Anti-clog soleplates
  • Lockdown fit to better secure the foot in the boot
  • Traction systems
  • Foot beds that are much more anatomically correct
  • Lighter weight

These are just a few components of current soccer boots that are being focused on to create a better performance product. There is a ton going on in this space and it’s really exciting to see what is being done and to imagine where soccer boots may be in the next five years.

In this series we are going to explore what some of those possibilities might look like and where the future of soccer boots just might be.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into where the future of soccer boots might just be headed.

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