Nike Celebrate Totti’s 25th Year at Roma With Limited Edition Boot

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Apr 26, 2017

The term legend gets thrown around probably more than it should. But in the case of Francesco Totti, legend is certainly a fitting description. Totti has spent the entirety of his 25 year professional career at AS Roma and is considered the eighth King of the city. That is legendary status.

To celebrate the remarkable feat of his 25 year Roma career, Nike has designed this incredibly beautiful limited edition pair of boots. The Tiempo Totti x Roma boots feature in a lush gold colorway, are limited to 2500 pairs and each come adorned with a specific number to remind you of the scarcity of this boot.

Totti has worn a number of different boots over the years, but the one thing that he has been pretty consistent with is his preference for a fold over elasticated tongue. It’s a feature that we seldom see on modern day boots and speaks to the generation that Totti grew up playing in. That classic fold over tongue is featured on this 25th anniversary boot and gives it that classic look we have come to expect from a pair of boots worn by Totti.

The boots’ upper is crafted in soft leather in a gold colorway, in honor of Totti’s achievements for AS Roma and his country – which marked him out as one of the greatest ever attacking playmakers. Personalised with ‘TOTTI’ on the heel counter and the Swoosh contrasting in black, the upper features the names of Totti’s three children — Cristian, Chanel and Isabel — in his own handwriting.

Here is a brief Q&A done with Totti in which we find out more about these boots from the man himself:

What does it mean to you that Nike designed a special golden Tiempo of you?

I’m honoured that Nike focused on a specific project for me. It’s an initiative that will inevitably involve the fans and that makes me feel even prouder.

How would you describe working with Nike on this project? For example, did you have a lot of input?

Nike has always been attentive to the needs and intuitions of athletes and the same applied to this project. This shoe is full of references to my career and my family. It’s the result of a long journey.

Can you tell us a bit about what the gold in the new Nike Tiempo boots represents?

The gold is a reference to my city but also the successes that I’ve achieved wearing the Rome shirt and representing the national team.

It’s quite unique that you have kept the tongue on your Tiempo boots over the years – what has made you want to keep it throughout your career?

The tongue goes back a long way and as the years have passed it’s become a sort of travel companion. Let’s just say, I’m very fond of it!

I checked on and these have already sold out. No real surprise there as these are an amazing boot celebrating the career of one of the best to ever do it. So let’s all just admire them from a distance.

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