Nike’s Best Limited Edition Tiempo Releases

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Apr 26, 2017

This week we saw the release of the Nike Tiempo Totti x Roma release. It was a beautiful boot that was released in limited quantities and that ultimately sold out in a matter of minutes. And this got me thinking…

What are the best limited edition Tiempo boots that Nike has released?

That’s a tough question to answer as there have been some really amazing releases. So I decided to focus on just a few of them for this story. And here they are – in no particular order.

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 SE Pirlo Edition Merlot / Sail / Metallic Vivid Gold

This is an absolutely beautiful pair of soccer boots that were designed for a beautiful footballer. Nike hit the nail on the head with these in terms of design and class. It’s no secret that Andrea Pirlo has a love for wine, and Nike used that as a design inspiration and created these incredible boots. The upper is made of Alegria leather (this is like really special leather) that features in a merlot color which pays homage to the love that Pirlo has for wien and the craft of winemaking. The all white soleplate is an incredible touch and keeps this super clean and crispy. The black outline of the swoosh ties in with the laces and the pop of gold round out what is an incredible boot.

If there is one boot that I genuinely am depressed that I missed out on – it is this boot.

Nike Tiempo Legend V R10 Premium FG – Touch of Gold

Let me start off by saying two things.

  1. I absolutely love this boot.
  2. I actually have a pair of these boots.

This is a gorgeous boot. In person, it is stunning. The gold nestled up against the all white upper is so clean and so modern and actually looks like a piece of art. The Tiempo V still had that waffle like pattern on the toe box which remains one of my favorite thing about this era of Tiempo and really helps to set off this particular pair of boots. plus, this limited edition release celebrates one of the players I most enjoyed watching – so there is a sentimental note there.

This boot was partially inspired by Roanldinho’s signature which was released in 2005 and became Internet famous in what was i believe the first viral video. So pretty cool story.

Nike Tiempo Totti x Roma

This is the boot that actually made me think about doing this story. Another absolute gem of a boot that is (or was) available in very limited quantities. 2500 to be exact.

Besides being an absolutely stunning boot, this release celebrates the 25 years that Francesco Totti has spent at AS Roma. His entire career was dedicated to Roma. I’m pretty sure there were big money moves on the table throughout his career, but he stayed true to the club he loved and he has been an incredible steward of the club. Nike slayed it with this release. The gold colorway with the old school elasticated tongue is a thing of beauty and it rightfully sold out in a matter of minutes.

Nike has done an incredible job with limited edition boot releases in recent years. But I think that these limited edition Tiempo, and the stories that inspired them, are the best of the best.  Tiempos might not be the boot that gets all the glory and all the hype, but they are the boots that have made for the best limited edition player releases in recent years.

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