Soccer Around The World – A Photographic Journey

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Artwork on the inside of a Rod Stewart album from the early 1970′s. Found this one in the $1 bin. Worth it just for this photo.

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You Should check out “Dash Radio” and The FIFA 15 Channel – Commercial Free Music

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Dash Radio was created by the world’s biggest DJ’s who became fed up with the limitations of regular FM radio (and hate internet playlists that pose as radio powered by soulless computers). Together, they formed Dash with one goal: to provide the best radio platform in the world.

What this is, is streaming music, with incredible variety, with zero commercials, live and 24/7, for free. Its borderline genius

dash radio

I’ll tell you how I got here… remember the FIFA 15 Launch the other day in NYC… well, when I linked the image from Clint’s IG, I saw this picture as well, and I knew that dude looked familiar, but I didn’t think to look in to it, until today while watching Sunday football. Turns out, SKEE has a new venture called DASH Radio and FIFA 15 has a channel.

I knew he was a DJ, but I forgot his name. Anyway, I did some creative googling and figured it was Skee – what an idiot I am – because Skee is a pretty big deal. Then I google Skee and see what kind of noise he is making these days, because you may not know it, but a lot of the shit you see on the internets from your favorite personality, whether its podcast or some sort of music radio, or youtube channel interviewing culture folks and content creators and influencers – Skee has been doing that for 15 years damn near.

Skee is a sneaker head, music dude obviously, and borderline genius with this social networking and branding thing and I think he might have another one with DASH radio. Its brand new, having just dropped in August, but it makes a ton of sense.

Its not like a Beats Audio, or Spotify, or Google music or even satellite – because to be quite honest, thats basically just terrestrial radio in a different skin. What we’d hope satellite radio to be – commercial free since I’m paying for it – has gone the way of the dodo.

Streaming sites are algorithms choosing music. You can find some interesting things, sometimes, but to me they are too busy messing things up trying to make it even better than what other sites do. Pandora is pretty good. Beats still has some work to do. Spotify I love, but I use it as a ginormous mixtape instead of a streaming site.

Satellite radio, and I’ve been with it since the beginning, was fresh as hell at first because it was all about content and different channels with different kinds of music with no commercials and very little personality talking all over the music. Now, basically, its just radios version of cable. Which is great because the content is good, its more specialized, and there are big names associated with stations, but the original reason I got in this thing – the whole no commercial parts and not having to listen to DJ talk all over the music and do station resets all the time, is gone. *

This, has promise, because it seems like the DJs are now here as curators of great music. You can read all about it at the link below.

DJ Skee Debuts DASH Radio, Taps East Village Radio Co-Founder, L.A. Reid As Investors – Billboard

* To be honest, the only reason I continue with satellite radio is Howard Stern. Literally.

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Watch :: Lionel Messi Misses Penalty BUT Chips Keeper Later to make up for it

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After Real Madrid put up 8 goals yesterday against Deportiva, you had to assume that Barca were going to put on a show against Levante. And they did, even if it got off to a shaky start with a missed penalty by Messi in the first half that would have put them up 2 – nil just before half. Then the second half started and a few more goals were capped off the beautiful chip below from King Lio.

This has to be an absolute nightmare for a keeper. You are out there in no mans land and you know the shot is coming, just not when or from where…. especially when the reason you are looking down the barrel is because you screwed up to begin with.

messi chips keeper

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Frank Lampard Talks about “Surreal” Day and Scoring Against Chelsea + @SoccerGods Prediction

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Today, this match, was something to behold – from both sides. Man City looked well in control in the first half but Chelsea kept it scoreless. In the second half, the game picked back up and City went down a man. After that, you saw the shift in Chelsea from being happy with a point, and trying to get the full three. Moments later, they scored. Diego Costa had a shot about 10 minutes later that would have made it 2-0 and effectively close out the game, but it hit the post and resulted in a goal kick.

José, in what some are calling a bad decision decided to park the bus instead of going for another goal, saw Frank Lampard come on with about 15 minutes left…. If Hollywood wrote a script, you know how it would go…. Even the “Soccer Gods” were thinking it too*

soccer gods prediction

Annnnnnd then Frank Lampard scored late equalizer to save Manchester City against Chelsea.

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When the goal went in, I was crushed because I thought we pretty much would have the title race by the balls with a win AT the Ethiad, but seeing Frank’s non-celebration straightened me out because he handled it with all class. You can see he was torn, and like he says in the Chelsea interview, he’s a professional and he had a job to do. So, I cheered for him, and realized that Chelsea still got a point out of it.

Then, all I could think about was this scene from Donnie Brasco.

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* The tweet was legit, I saw it in the timeline and didn’t want to retweet it to jinx my side – maybe I should have.

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Video :: Frank Lampard Scores Against Chelsea

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No Celebration.

#SuperFrank levels for Manchester City against his old club Chelsea.

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Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez Scores his first two Real Madrid Goals vs Deportivo

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These are always my favorite moments… when you see a striker loading up and you are like, “No, he’s not about to… .oh, oh yeah, he is…. hell yeah!” This is a helluva way to get your first goal… and then your second.

chicharito first 2 real madrid goals

By the way…. this was against Deportivo so thats definitely part of the story. Real Madrid won this match 8 to 2. Gareth Bale (who Chicha came on for in the 77th minute) scored two goals himself and Cristiano had three goals.

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Watch :: “The Interview Movie” Red Band Trailer Alert

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NSFW, Red band.

In the action-comedy The Interview, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show “Skylark Tonight.” When they discover that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists. As Dave and Aaron prepare to travel to Pyongyang, their plans change when the CIA recruits them, perhaps the two least-qualified men imaginable, to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

* This could be really really funny. This will be funny, but it seems like it will be a million times funnier if you are at the theater and have gotten a little bit lifted before heading in. Not that we necessarily endorse those sorts of behaviors (legal and decriminalized in many states in the union) but if thats your thing, thats your thing. Lots of funny people in this, and a sneaky hot all star Lizzy Caplan * hopefully playing a big part in this flick.

Hopefully this movie doesn’t start a world war.

the interview red band trailer

* After further thought, LC isn’t sneak hot, she’s a flat out smokeshow. Random.

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Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey

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#ViewFromTheTruck :: @realsaltlake vs @coloradorapids tonight on @nbcsn alongside #TheLegendJP

~~ TheOriginalWinger on Instagram

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