Inspiration Of The Day :: Vintage Soccer Jerseys

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Vintage jerseys and their respective hats from English #football teams in 1912. Inspiration for the day has been found. #soccer #futbol

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Rumor Mill :: Mario Balotelli Has To Sign ‘Behavior Clause’

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Mario Balotelli

~~  That sound you hear is the English Media doing cartwheels at the thought of Mario Balotelli back in England…..

via Guardian

Mario Balotelli is poised to make a remarkable return to English football providing he agrees a Liverpool contract with several stringent clauses regarding his behaviour. Brendan Rodgers, who categorically stated he had no interest in the problematic striker less than three weeks ago, performed the volte-face after concluding Milan’s £16m asking price was too tempting to refuse.

Balotelli’s agent, Mino Raiola, travelled to Merseyside for further talks with Liverpool’s chief executive, Ian Ayre, on Thursday after Milan accepted a £16m bid for the 24-year-old. The Italian club quoted an exorbitant loan fee when Liverpool made their initial approach on Wednesday and rejected a proposal that the temporary deal could be terminated should Balotelli step out of line.

A permanent deal was then proposed to suit all parties, with Milan desperate to sell the Italy international only 19 months after he joined his boyhood club and Liverpool running out of striking options to replace Luis Suárez before the transfer deadline on 1 September.

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Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid – Wolf Grey / Sport Blue

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Nike Jordan Silver

~~  I may OR may not be rocking these right at this moment.

A good look at the Wolf Grey / Sport Blue color way drop in the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, spotted and available over at Premier.

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Christen Press: Wheaties Next (Full Length)

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When I was a kid, I remember wanting to end up as an athlete on a Wheaties box. It was reserved for only the best of the best. I wanted to be that. It was a big deal to get the Wheaties box. If memory serves me correctly, they even had posters that came with the boxes of whoever the athlete was. Anyway, it’s pretty major real estate to be the athlete on the cover of the Wheaties box.

The Wheaties folks are currently running a contest offering fans the opportunity to vote which athlete ends up on the next Wheaties box. This is the first time that fans are the deciding factor on who makes the box. There are five athletes vying for the front of the box, and US Women’s National Team player Christen Press is one of the five.

So here is the thing. Let’s do our part to make sure she has the best chance of winning this contest. There are a lot of soccer fans here in the US, and if we put our collective energy to this, I think she wins. But we all need to participate. The thing is, it’s not just through voting. It’s through getting out and being active. Check the Wheaties site for the full details. It takes like a minute to sign up. She gets the votes and we all get to know that our workouts are not only good for us, but good for Christen as well.

The contest runs until the end of this month, so get signed up and let’s do our part to help Christen end up on the Wheaties box!


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Video :: Training With Bayern Munich

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The Bayern Munich YouTube page has the description for this video as the following:

Es schüttete wie aus Kübeln. Das Abschlusstraining der Bayern vor dem Erstrundenspiel im DFB-Pokal bei Preußen Münster wurde zur Rutschpartie. Die Mannschaft aber ließ sich vom Wetter nicht beeindrucken…

Yeah. I have no idea what that means. But I don’t need to. This is just awesome. I want to get some of the crew together. Divide us into two teams and have a battle at whatever you call this game.

Team Beans v Team Dunny?

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New Trailer :: Believe

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September 12th will see the US launch of a film called Believe. The premise of the movie is this:

Believe is set in Manchester in the early 80’s. Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby is still restless in the twilight of his life. An act of petty crime by a working class kid, 11 year old Georgie, becomes a collision of fate as Matt tracks him down, only to discover that far from being just another young thief, the boy is an extraordinarily gifted soccer player and captain of a team of misfits. Matt, intrigued, decides to embark on his own method of teaching the tear-a-way a lesson. Having lived with football all his life and survived the tragic 1958 Munich plane disaster in which 8 of his promising young players were killed, Matt is still committed to continue his work of ‘training lads for life’.

But the movie also reveals the important roles that players and coaches play in each other’s lives. We have all had a certain coach that played a significant role in our development as players, but also as people. Someone who not only taught us how to play the game, but life lessons. That idea is evident in this movie as the relationship between Matt and Georgie develops.

We’ll be exploring the idea of the role that coaches play in players lives over the next few weeks. We have sat down with a number of MLS players and had them tell us their own stories of the coaches who have influenced them. They share some of the things that they learned from these coaches both on and off the field. It’s evident the influence that these coaches have had in these players’ lives. As soon as they start talking about them you can immediately sense the respect and gratitude that these professional athletes have for their coaches.

Speaking of which, tonight I will be catching up with the coach who was most influential in my life. I haven’t seen the dude in like 15 years because he moved to Italy. But he’s back in LA for a few days, so a former teammate of mine and I are going to see him tonight to catch up. And I have no  doubt that he will still be teaching us something new about life all these years later. That’s what good coaches do. They never stop coaching. It’s in their DNA.

Here’s the official trailer for Believe

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Soccer in America – A Photographic Journey

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Late night pickup games. Whenever. Wherever.

Los Angeles, CA

June, 2014


To submit your photos to be included in this series, email them to dunny [at] bumpy

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Aurelio De Laurentiis Confirms Jonathan de Guzman Signing

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~~  Love this guy…. An owner with personality and an unapologetic twitter handle…

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