Trailer :: Dead Snow 2 – Red vs Dead

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Trailer - Dead

~~  They’re not just zombies. They’re Nazi zombies And there?s a lot of them. <- Best opening line EVER.  Some Shaun of the Dead potential right here.

On the orders of a rotten Führer, the zombies from Dead Snow return to settle old German scores. In the continuation of the epic splatterfest from 2009, Martin, the sole survivor of the first movie, prove that there?s more badass shit in Northern Norway than even Nazi zombies would be prepared for. The table is set for a massive revenge epic, where blood, guts, brains and throats are not the only things dredged up from the darkness. Old hatred never rots.

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Brandao Handed 6 Month Ban Over Motta Headbutt

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~~  Watch the video below…. So cowardly.  Incredible that he was ONLY given six months.

via LPF

Brutality player Brandao (SC Bastia) towards the player Thiago Motta (Paris Saint-Germain) at the end of the meeting in the hallway locker room

The Commission had also suspended the player Brandao (SC Bastia) as a precaution and had called for its meeting on Thursday, September 18, 2014 in compliance with the disciplinary regulations and Sports imposing minimum period of 15 days Code. 
After hearing players Thiago Motta and Brandao accompanied by representatives of both clubs, the Commission imposes on Brandao suspended for six months in prison for his actions against Thiago Motta. Brandao will be qualified to February 22, 2015 again.

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Video: Clint Dempsey’s performs “Hot Fire” with XO and Trae tha Truth at FIFA 15 / MLS Next Launch Party

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This is must see video.

Frosty the Snowman flow, Deuce stays freezing. Seattle Sounders and USMNT forward Clint Dempsey took his skills to the stage at the FIFA 15 release party.

Clint is joined on stage with XO, the cat he is doing a full length album with, and Trae The Truth.

clint dempsey fifa mls next launch party

Clint Dempsey has been rockin’ with Trae the Truth for a minute these days and when I saw that pic on the IG, I was reeeeeally feeling some type of way that I wasnt out there in NY. One thing to see Deuce hit the stage and rock the mic, but I can’t imagine there were too many people in that building other than Clint and XO (and me if I was there) who would have been hip to Trae. This cat is the truth and he is damb near Houston hip hip royalty.

After the Bun B’s of the world and the Slim Thugs and the Scareface and older guard cats, Trae was and is that dude. He was part of the DJ Screw chopped and screwed class and A LOT of the music you hear now and over the last decade was influenced by what they were doing down there.

Lowkey hot that I’m not in NY right now…. plus I would have hollared at that shorty in the front with the lbd on.

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Major League Soccer Has a New Crest and a Bright Future Ahead

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The new MLS crest embodies and represents the next phase of Major League Soccer’s vision to be among the best leagues in the world by 2022.

WORDMARK: MLS stands for Major League Soccer.

SLASH: The slash refers to soccer’s speed and energy. The slash begins outside the perimeter and drives upward at a 45-degree angle to illustrate both the nonstop nature of our game and the rising trajectory of our league. It bisects the crest to create a “first half” and “second half.”

STARS: The three stars represent the pillars of our brand: For Club, For Country, For Community.

PERIMETER: The perimeter represents the lines that mark off the field of play.

FIRST HALF AND SECOND HALF: The first half contains MLS and the three stars. The second half is an open white space that brings you in and out of the MLS world.


Much more on MLS Next …. head over to Over there they talk about why the new logo, what the future looks like for MLS and there are even downloadable avatars of all MLS sides. There’s also a FIFA 15 activation too. Great great stuff.

Go do what you do.

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Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey

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SIA - Paradise

Paradise Soccer Club 2v2 event.

Honolulu, HI 8-28-14

~~ @ParadiseSoccerClub on Instagram

To be a part of our Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey, send your photos to

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Nike Drops 2014 Elastico Superfly

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Nike In

~~ Had been hearing some rumors about this drop….. To see how Nike is taking the ideas of what they’ve been doing on grass and now implementing them to hard surfaces seems like the obvious move, especially with how well the new color ways are doing in the market.  Can’t wait to see the colors that are on the way.

via NikeInc

The Elastico Superfly is distinctly low profile, placing the foot much closer to the ground than previous small-sided footwear. This helps improve traction and speed and allows players to better manipulate the ball. The unrivaled traction also benefits from a new rubber compound that’s produced specially for the outsole.

The low-profile, flexible outsole allows for improved grip for multi-directional quickness. Two updated traction patterns are offered; the Elastico Superfly IC features an outsole specifically designed for harder surfaces including concrete, and The Elastico Superfly TF built for turf and artificial grass surfaces.

The shoe also features an extra layer of NIKESKIN in areas where small-sided footballers experience additional abrasion on their footwear for increased durability, while the micro-textured Nike Flyknit upper allows for a barefoot like touch ad enhanced ball feel and control.

Nike In0

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Nike Unveils Roma Third Kit For 2014/15 Season

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Roma Third

~~  Gotta be honest…. I was pretty disappointed when Roma and Kappa broke up… There was just something about those unforgiving beer belly jerseys that were so, so fresh back in the day.  But after seeing this new All Black color way drop from Nike, I take back all that I wrote before this sentence.

via NikeInc

This season, AS Roma will play in a new third kit inspired by the renowned elegance of Italian tailoring and the suits worn by the squad when they travel across Italy and beyond.

The kit’s dark brown shirt features a tonal pin stripe embedded in the fabric, and a modern V-neck collar with brown at the back and an AS Roma yellow trim at the front. Inside the back of the neck, a yellow textured pennant tab displays the statement, “La Roma Non Si Discute Si Ama” (Roma is loved without any question). The sentiment echoes the club’s anthem, which AS Roma fans sing when the team emerges from the tunnel before each game at the Stadio Olimpico.

The rest of the kit includes dark brown shorts and dark brown socks with a tonal stripe of chevrons on the back.


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Video :: Frank Lampard Sits Down With Men In Blazers

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Frank Lampard Men

~~  When you sit down and listen to this, you realize pretty quickly that Frank Lampard is serious about this move to NYCFC…. Seems genuinely excited about this opportunity.

And the boys from Men In Blazers are brilliant as usual…. Some great questions and witty banter as expected.

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