Chelsea Agrees New Kit Sponsor – Yokohama Rubber

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Chelsea jersey are about to get a makeover in the form of a new kit sponsor. All those Chelsea jerseys adorned with Samsung on the front are officially old news as the West London club reports that they have signed a new kit sponsor with Yokohama Rubber. The deal looks to be for five years and clocks in at £40 million per year. That’s serious skrilla. The deal kicks off in the 2015/16 season. This kit sponsor is richest to every other team in England except for Manchester United.

In other news, the rich continue to get richer…

In the press release there was this little nugget of info that stood out to me:

‘We believe that Yokohama will play a key role in helping us drive our global expansion in international markets such as the US, where they have operated with distinction for many years. Also, of course, Chelsea having such an esteemed and historic Japanese company as our partner enables us to accelerate our development in their home market too.

Specifically calling out the US as one of their key markets for international expansion. It’s no surprise that is the case. But seeing that specifically mentioned as part of their press release with this shows just how important the US market is to foreign clubs and the brands they do business with.

I’m pretty sure this will be a huge benefit to Chelsea and Jose as they look to sign more players while adhering to Financial Fair Play awards. Somebody get Jose a pen and checkbook ready this summer.

By the way, how many tires is Yokohama selling a year to be able to do this kind of sponsorship deal?

I can see ISPS smiling now…


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Dunkin Donuts Apologizes For ‘LFC Themed Promotion’

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~~  How do you infuriate the Liverpool fanbase with just one image?  See above.

And it didn’t take long for Dunkin Donuts to pull back the picture and issue an apology.

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National Soccer Hall of Fame 2015 Nominees Announced

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The National Soccer Hall of Fame announced their 2015 class of nominees. There are some pretty serious names on here. Some are no brainers, others  we will have to wait and see. We have some friends that are appearing on here so goo luck to them and everyone else who has been nominated. Before we get to who the nominees are for this year, there are some rules you should know about.

Players in their first year of eligibility include the following: two-time FIFA World Cup participant and current Columbus Crew head coach Gregg Berhalter; 13-year MLS veteran Jimmy Conrad; 13-year MNT fixture and MLS Cup champion Frankie Hejduk; 2008 Olympic gold medalist Natasha Kai; four-time FIFA World Cup participant and three-time CONCACAF Gold Cup Champion Kasey Keller; 10-year MNT veteran and current LA Galaxy technical director Jovan Kirovski; 1996 Olympic gold medalist and 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Tiffeny Milbrett; two-time MLS Goalkeeper of the Year Pat Onstad; three-time MLS Cup champion Eddie Robinson; Colombian MLS star Diego Serna; two-time Olympic gold medalist Lindsay Tarpley; 15-year veteran and two-time MLS Goalkeeper of the Year Zach Thornton; and six-year WNT forward Christie Welsh.

Of the 31 players on the Player ballot, Robin Fraser and Shannon MacMillan are in their final year of eligibility.

In order to be eligible for election as a Player, an individual must be retired for at least three years, but for no more than 10 years, and have either: 1) Played in at least 20 international games for the U.S., or 2) Played at least five seasons in an American first-division professional league and named to a postseason All-League or All-Star team at least once.

The voting pool includes all past and present full Men’s and Women’s National Team coaches, all active MLS and NWSL head coaches with a minimum of four years of experience as a head coach at the highest level in the United States, MLS and NWSL management representatives, the MLS and NWSL Commissioners, U.S. Soccer CEO/Secretary General, U.S. Soccer President, designated media members, and all Hall of Famers.

Each voter can list up to 10 candidates per ballot. Any player appearing on at least 66.7 percent of ballots will earn election, while any player who does not appear on at least five percent of ballots will be removed from voting contention until they qualify for the Veteran ballot.

2015 National Soccer Hall of Fame Player Ballot

Chris Armas
Gregg Berhalter*
Jimmy Conrad*
Robin Fraser**
Frankie Hejduk*
Chris Henderson
Natasha Kai*
Kasey Keller*
Jovan Kirovski*
Chris Klein
Jason Kreis
Eddie Lewis
Shannon MacMillan**
Clint Mathis
Tiffeny Milbrett*
Jaime Moreno
John O’Brien
Ben Olsen
Pat Onstad*
Steve Ralston
Ante Razov
Tiffany Roberts
Eddie Robinson*
Tony Sanneh
Briana Scurry
Diego Serna*
Kate Sobrero Markgraf
Lindsay Tarpley*
Taylor Twellman
Christie Welsh*
Zach Thornton*

* First year of eligibility
** Final year of eligibility; moves to Veteran ballot in 2016

On the strength of this video alone, I say induct Jimmy Conrad to the HOF.

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

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Yokohama Rubber New Chelsea Shirt Sponsor Starting 2015/16

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~~  Listen, it’s all a cash grab now…. There’s no loyalty when it comes to ‘Front Of Jersey Sponsor/Naming Rights’…..

And when Chelsea’s official website drops the fact that this deal is ‘one of the biggest shirt sponsorships ever signed’, that’s carrying some SERIOUS weight behind it.

‘Global Brands’ bring in #MonopolyMoney when it comes to selling these rights and Yokohama Rubber is dropping a rumored £40million-a-year agreement (doubling Samsung’s current deal) and one that comes in behind Manchester United’s £53m agreement with Chevrolet.

You’ll see Yokohama Rubber’s logo on the front of Chelsea’s jerseys / training gear at the start of the 2015/16 season.

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Liverpool & Tottenham Knocked Out Of Europa League

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~~  Another dissapointing night in #EuropaLeague for both Liverpool and Tottenham after both EPL sides fell on the road in the second leg to see themselves eliminated in European Competition once again in the knockout rounds….

~~  Everton on the other hand…. Timmy Howard & Co took care of Young Boys after their first leg demolition in Switzerland… #Lukaku with 100 professional goals by the age of 21… Think about that for a second.

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Grant Wahl – 1 on 1 With Jose Mourinho

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I can pretty much watch interviews with Jose Mourinho all day. He’s just that dude. Charismatic. Engaging. Never really sure what he is going to say. But also passionate and a true lover of the game. In this video SI’s Grant Wahl sits down for a one on one conversation with The Special One. It’s crazy to think that he started out as a translator before he became a manager. There is never one specific path to get anywhere. Jose certainly is proof of that.

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Nike Tiempo Legend V Premium

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I am a long time admirer of Nike Tiempos. I have written about my love for Tiempos more than once. Let’s just say it is my go to boot. So when I saw this announcement from Nike today, my heart skipped a little. Because these Tiempos right here, and the accompanying story line that goes with them…I’m all about.

So here is the low down on the Nike Tiempo Legend V Premium

Nike’s relentless innovation ethos ensures the best boot is the next boot. But across the brand, there are treasured icons that stand the test of time. 


First introduced as the Tiempo D in 1985, the boot has evolved significantly while remaining instantly recognizable to fans and players alike. One of its signature features, the oversized fold-over tongue, gained immense popularity after eight Brasil players wore it in the 1994 World Cup Final in California.  The original purpose of the fold-over tongue was to provide a flat surface atop the laces for a better strike of the ball. As boots and laces evolved, this was no longer necessary and the iconic tongue was retired with the launch of the Tiempo IV in 2011. 


Let’s stop right here for a minute. How great are these OG Tiempos from back in 1985? I’m not sure about this next statement, but these had to be one of the first boots that got away from traditional black and white. The gold swoosh and gold heel tab couple with removable gold studs. Fire. And that big old floppy fold over tongue. Classic.

And then there is this particular interesting nugget of information.

Nike packaging has long included the statement: “Engineered to the exact specifications of championship athletes.”  One of those championship athletes in particular, Francesco Totti, has continued to request the iconic Tiempo tongue on his boots and Nike has delivered for him through the years. Now, with Totti as Nike Football’s muse, a limited-edition Tiempo Legend V Premium will be available that features the Tiempo tongue while honoring the player who wears it. 

“I have always played with boots that had a tongue and for me, this detail on the product is very important. I wear the Tiempo because it is a comfortable boot with a soft leather upper that adapts well to the foot’s shape and grants a great touch of the ball. It’s a classic boot that helps me perform at my best when I’m on the pitch.” - Francesco Totti


“This specific version of the Tiempo has a beautiful color since it’s a perfect mix between classic elements like the black upper and more innovative ones like the chrome details on the Swoosh and the tongue. The tongue itself makes this boot really unique and is a key element for me in a football boot.” - Totti

The Tiempo Legend V Premium features exquisite craftsmanship and quilted Alegria leather. It is protected by Nike Hypershield and resists overstretch, retaining the Tiempo’s timeless shape and performance.


Three-thousand individually numbered pairs of the Tiempo Legend V Premium will be available on and at select retailers March 5.

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Under The Crest – Inside Chelsea FC With Grant Wahl

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Grant Wahl gives us an inside look at Chelsea FC, Jose Mourinhop and Didier Drogba in a really great expose on the club. Big clubs like Chelsea don’t seem to give access like this often, and specifically to an American outlet, which is a shame because this piece is really good. It’s insightful. It’s beautifully shot. It shows some of the history of the club while exploring the current status of Chelsea. If clubs from around the world want to build their “brands” here in the US, doing more content pieces like this is a pretty good thing to do.

More from Grant Wahl and his look into Chelsea FC shortly…

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